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Listing Quality


Listing quality refers to the completeness and accuracy of your listing. Renters want to see listings with quality photos and descriptions that are accurate representations of the unit they will view in person.

An incomplete or inaccurate listing could turn the renter away from inquiring about your advertised unit and instead towards another agent who has a better listing for the same unit. It can also lead to disappointment and the feeling of being bait-and-switched.

Do the following to create a complete and accurate listing:

  • Include high-quality photos! RentHop allows agents to upload up to 20 images and floorplans (the more the better). Photos that are 1108 x 640 or that have an equivalent width:height ratio work best.
    • Pro Tip: If you’re working with open listings and getting photos from broker blasts, we recommend accessing the unit on your own time to take your own unique photos!
  • Provide a detailed description and list all available apartment features and building amenities. Use proper grammar and avoid ALL CAPS,*~$pecial Characters***, and emojis 🔥 as renters interpret these kinds of listings as fraudulent. Be as clear and accurate as possible. See our instructions on Listing Description here.
  • Make sure the address matches the location popping up on the map. The location of the listing on the map is automatically generated from the address you’ve provided to our system.
  • Include the full street address, i.e. 1 John Street in the first address field so RentHop knows which building you’re listing. Including the full address in this section is required, this does not display the full address to renters on the site.
  • Complete the display address according to your preference. Since we are open listing friendly, we understand that agents may not want to include the full street address in their listing. However, if agents advertise an exclusive, providing the full street address will give them a boost in their HopScore. The Display Address field can only contain the full address, or the street name, or the cross streets of the listing. It cannot contain extraneous language about your listing such as “washer and dryer”, “great opportunity”, etc. Make sure to also use proper grammar in this section, avoiding the use of ALL CAPS, $pec!al C#aract*ers, and emojis 💯.

Listings can also include live video tours


RentHop offers the ability to advertise listings with “Live Video Tours” and pre-recorded “Video Tours”.

Live video tours can be conducted via any manner of video communication, including Skype, Facetime, Zoom, etc.  We’ll leave it to you and the renter to decide the best way to set up the tour. Add the term “Live Video Tours” to the “Additional Amenities” field during the listing creation process. Renters will be able to search for these types of listings using the filters on the search page.

If you have a pre-recorded video tour that you would like to share with renters. Simply input the URL of the video tour to the “Video Tour” field during the listing creation process. Please note that you can not upload videos directly via the photo gallery uploader. We currently accept videos from Youtube / Vimeo / Matterport. Once you complete this step, the video you provide us will be displayed in the photo gallery on your listing details page.

Please note that including or not including a video tour does not impact a listing’s HopScore.

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Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity
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