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Agents with a RentHop Pro Plan can access the Reports + Insights page to learn more about the current rental market and their account usage. The Reports + Insights page has three tabs for agents to explore, including:

Neighborhood Difficulty

The Neighborhood Difficulty tab provides a list of every neighborhood in New York City and describes its Lead Volume and Difficulty.

Lead Volume ranges from 1 to 5 and is based on the total number of leads generated by neighborhood. The higher the Lead Volume, the more leads that neighborhood receives.

Difficulty also ranges from 1 to 5 and is based on Pro Credits spent per lead generated. Higher difficulty implies more Pro Credits spent per lead and stiffer competition from other agents.

Data is up to date and drawn from the past 30 days. Agents can routinely check this tab to see which neighborhoods have a higher lead volume and difficulty on a given day.


An agent who access the tool will see a chart that displays many neighborhoods. A small snippet of that chart may look as follows:

In this case, Alphabet City has a Lead Volume of 4 and a Difficulty of 4. Compared to the neighbhorhood of Annadale with a Lead Volume of 1 and a Difficulty of 1, agents can use the chart to understand that those currently advertising in Alphabet City experience a higher lead generation, but spend a higher volume of Pro Credits in that neighborhood by reposting and featuring their listings.

The tool can therefore help agents determine where they would like to advertise listings and anticipate the volume of Pro Credits they may spend advertising in those neighborhoods.

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Credit Usage

The Credit Usage tab provides an itemized list of every action an agent takes on their account that uses Pro Credits and/or Credits. Agents will see:

  • The date and time they took the action,
  • The listing they took action on (with a link to the listing),
  • The actual action (Create Listing, Scheduled Repost, Feature Repost),
  • How many Credits that action used,
  • And their remaining Credit balance after the action

The Credit Usage tab includes actions taken in the past 30 days.

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