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Updates to RentHop Pro Plans

After launching the RentHop Pro plans in 2018, one of the most common feature requests we’ve received has been to allow unused Pro Credits to roll over into the next billing period.  Previously, unused Pro Credits were set to expire at the end of each agent’s billing period and there were no rollovers were issued. This caused agents to lose Pro Credits because they weren’t able to spend them fast enough.  Understandably, this was a source of stress for our subscribers.

Since January 1st, 2020, our system has no longer expired unused Pro Credits at the end of a billing cycle.  Rather, agents will be able to roll over up to two months’ worth of unused Pro Credits into their next billing period as long as they remain on an active Pro Plan subscription.  In effect, Pro Credits will last three times as long before expiring.

This change was made to put less pressure on subscribers to spend all of their Pro Credits in the month they receive them.  You can take a vacation without worrying about your Pro Credits!

Here’s a chart to go over how Pro Plan rollovers work:

Plan Credits Issued / Month Roll Over limit
Pro / Silver 125 Pro Credits 250 Pro Credits
Pro / Gold 400 Pro Credits 800 Pro Credits
Pro / Platinum 700 Pro Credits 1,400 Pro Credits





While up to two months’ worth of Pro Credits will be rolled over at the start of each monthly billing cycle, we’d still recommend that agents try their best to fully utilize the Pro Credits they receive on a monthly basis. The rollovers should be thought of as a failsafe if you need to go on vacation or had fewer listings to advertise during a certain month.

Please note that accounts can only hold 2x the number of Pro credits issued by their subscription.  Meaning a Pro Silver account can hold up to 250 Pro credits, Pro Gold up to 800 Pro credits, and Pro Platinum up to 1,400 Pro credits.  Also, note that agents cannot roll over Pro credits unless they remain active Pro plan subscribers.

Please let us know if you have any questions by emailing



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