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RentHop Compliance Terms

By advertising on RentHop, agents agree to abide by our Advertising Compliance Terms. Repeated failure to comply with the terms can lead to account suspension or a permanent ban from our platform. Agents who are reinstated may be asked to provide an accuracy deposit towards their advertising fees to guarantee accurate advertising.


You must advertise the true, correct address for the building where the unit resides. Failure to include the correct address and unit number can lower your HopScore and result in disciplinary action.

Display Address

The Display Address field can only contain

  1. The full address OR
  2. The street name OR
  3. The cross streets of the listing.

To include language outside of this may impact your listing HopScores and can result in an account suspension. This includes descriptive phrases such as “Washer/dryer,” “NO FEE,” “Chelsea Studio,” which will decrease your HopScore and lead to disciplinary action.

In addition, you can read more about best practices for listing display addresses here.

Fee vs. No Fee

Only advertise a listing as “No Fee” if you truly do not charge the renter a broker fee for that apartment. Even if there is a reduced fee, you cannot advertise a listing as “No Fee.” Including contradictory information between the listing labels and description or telling renters that the listing does in fact have a fee can lead to disciplinary action.

Rented Listing

Please promptly remove any listing that has been rented. We understand that the market moves quickly and inventory updates constantly. However, we also ask that advertisers remove rented inventory as reasonably quickly as possible. Agents should not have a listing active on the site if they’re telling renters it’s already rented.

Pricing Inaccuracy

Ensure that you advertise the correct rental price for your listing. If you are advertising net effective rental prices, then always include the details of the concessions in the listing description, for example: “One month free on a 13-month lease”. As a best practice, we recommend also including the gross rent to help renters understand the full terms of the listing before they inquire.

Availability Date

Your listing must advertise the accurate availability date. When creating a listing on the platform, the availability date will default to an immediate move-in. If the apartment is not available until a specific date, you must adjust this in the “Available Date” section.

Exclusive Listing

Only advertise a listing as “Exclusive” if you have the exclusive right to list that unit with a landlord or management company. Failure to produce an exclusivity agreement if asked can lead to disciplinary measures.

Accurate Photos & Videos

Listings must include accurate photos and videos that resemble the unit. Listing photos cannot contain overlays and additional text outside of a watermark. Including text or icons like, “No Fee, Beautiful Apartment, etc.” is not allowed. Advertisers must have authorization to use photos.

Flex/Convertible Bedrooms Advertising Policy

To continuously provide renters with the highest quality apartments, all advertised listings on our site must have the original, true bedroom count displayed.

For agents advertising via syndication feeds through RealtyMX, Nestio, OLR, etc:


  • Please follow the syndication platforms’ policies on how to advertise flex/convertible units. For example, on RealtyMX, you must input the true bedroom count and check off the “Convertible” box on RealtyMX. We will make sure to work with each of our syndication partners to ensure that your listings feed over accurately.

For agents advertising manually on RentHop:


  • Convertible: If the listing is convertible, you must check the “Convertible” box during the listing creation process. Our system will automatically add one flex bedroom to the search results for renters. For example: checking off the box on a Studio will ensure that the listing shows as a Studio/Flex One, checking off the box on a One-Bedroom will ensure that the listing shows as a One Bedroom/Flex Two, etc.
  • Double Convertible/ T-Wall Flex: If the listing is a double convertible or is a T-Wall flex, then you must check the “Double Convertible/T-Wall Flex” box during the listing creation process. Our system will automatically add two flex bedrooms to the search result for renters. For example: checking off the box on a Studio will ensure that the listing shows as a Studio/Flex Two, checking off the box on a One-Bedroom will ensure that the listing shows as a One Bedroom/Flex Three, etc.

By inputting the true bedroom count and checking off the “Convertible” or “Double Convertible/T-Wall Flex” box, your listing will appear under renter searches for both the true bedroom count and flex bedroom count! Those advertising Jr. 1-Bedrooms must advertise the unit as a studio and can then include the details in the description.

Home Office Update

Effective March 5, 2024, advertisers may now advertise a home office as a flexed bedroom. A home office still does not qualify as a true bedroom and cannot be advertised as such. For example, a one bedroom with two home offices can be advertised as one bedroom, flex three bedroom.

Additionally, home offices are now features on RentHop. Advertisers can select a home office as a unit feature when creating a listing.

Suspension and Reinstatement

Our compliance team routinely checks listings on the site. RentHop works because the majority of landlords and managers believe in honest and truthful advertising. Please direct any questions regarding our terms to

Accounts that do not adhere to the RentHop Compliance Terms can face an account suspension. Upon suspension, all listings are deactivated, and any Pro Plans and syndication plans are canceled. A team member will contact the agent to alert them of the suspension and proceed with the next steps.

Suspended accounts can be let back onto the platform through reinstatement. Agents must mail an accuracy deposit as a cashier’s check to RentHop’s office. The accuracy deposit goes toward advertising fees on the platform. Upon successfully processing the deposit, RentHop will reinstate the agent’s account, and the agent will enter a probation period. During probation, any further instances of non-compliance will result in a permanent ban and loss of remaining funds from the deposit.

Elite Agents who receive an account suspension will lose their Elite Agent status. They may only regain their Elite Agent status after consecutively maintaining a Pro Plan subscription for six months, beginning on the day of their reinstatement.

Accounts that show repeated disrespect for our policies may be permanently banned.

Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity
Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity
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