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RentHop Repost Scheduler

With more renters utilizing RentHop than ever before, the lead generation benefits of regularly reposting listings have become apparent (the higher a listing’s HopScore, the higher it will appear in renter search results).  

For this reason, many agents/managers will utilize the “Repost Scheduler” which would allow them to set, in advance, the dates and times a particular listing would be reposted.  

The Repost Scheduler is available to agents who utilize Credits. There are no limits to the number of listings users can schedule reposts in advance.

There are multiple ways to utilize the scheduler. To start, please log into your RentHop account.  Once logged in, you’ll be able to access the ability to schedule future reposts:

  • Under each of your listings in your Active Listing Section
  • Within your Listing Creation and Edit Page

Active Listing Section:

RentHop Repost Scheduler

Under each listing, you’ll find the Repost Scheduler feature. From there, you can select multiple days of the week and multiple timeslots per day for a listing to be reposted. You can also add rows by clicking the “+ Add More” option.  The scheduler will continue to repost the selected listing based on the set schedule until the dates on the scheduler are updated or your account runs out of Credits. In the screenshot, this listing is scheduled to repost between 2pm – 3pm on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Listing Creation / Edit Page:

RentHop repost scheduler visibility

Within each listing creation and edit page, you’ll find the ability to toggle your listing visibility and repost frequency. There are currently three frequency levels:

  1. None: Your listing will not be scheduled to repost. It will expire in 7 days, and may not appear as high in search results. We do not recommend this frequency level.
  2. Base: Your listing will be reposted 3x per week for a total of 6 Credits per week during high-traffic times. That’s a total of 24 Credits spent per listing per month.
  3. Moderate: Your listing will be reposted 5x per week for a total of 10 Credits per week during high-traffic times. That’s a total of 40 Credits spent per listing per month.
  4. High: Your listing will be reposted 10x per week for a total of 20 Credits per week during high-traffic times. That’s a total of 80 Credits per listing per month.

Once you select a frequency level, our system will automatically assign days and timeslots that your listing will be reposted based on high-traffic times. Please note that there is always the ability to add / remove/ modify your choices once the listing has been saved. To make direct edits to the scheduled reposts, check the listing in the Active Listing section.

In order to complete the scheduled reposts, the Repost Scheduler will automatically deduct  Credits from the agent’s balance of Credits at the time of reposting.

To ensure that the Repost Scheduler operates without interruption, it is important to maintain an adequate balance of Credits to cover the cost of the scheduled reposts (2 Credits per repost). You can always add additional Credits to your account here.

Please direct any questions regarding the Repost Scheduler to our support team at

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