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How to Advertise on RentHop


Are you a renter or landlord looking to sublet / lease break your apartment or room? Please check out our advertising options here.

If you’re an agent or management company, please review our two types of advertising options (manual posting and syndication) detailed below:

Standard Posting

By default, agents can activate listings to advertise on our site for $20/listing. Each listing will last up to 7 days. If you’re looking to advertise more than 5 listings, then we’d recommend switching to a Pro Plan, where you receive a certain amount of Pro Credits per month which serve as RentHop’s currency to complete actions on the site.

Manually posting listings

Agents can manually post listings on RentHop using purchased RentHop Pro Credits. To acquire Pro Credits, agents can sign up for RentHop Pro Plan. Click here to view our different plans and then sign up. Pro Plans are the most effective way to advertise on RentHop, as users see the most return on their investment.

It costs 2 Pro Credits to:

  • Manually Post: Create one manually posted listing that lasts for up to seven days.
  • Repost: By default, RentHop does not sort listings by price. We instead sort listings by “HopScore”. Listing freshness plays a significant part in the HopScore, and the more fresh a listing is, the higher its HopScore, resulting in appearing higher in search results. Reposting allows you to increase the freshness of a listing and indicate to renters that the listing is still available.
  • Activate: Make an inactive listing visible for renters by activating it from the “Deactivated,” “From Feed,” or “Expired” tabs on your listings page.

It costs 20 Pro Credits to:

  • Feature: Featuring a listing is the best way to get it onto the front page of our site. Renters will see a tag indicating that your listing is featured, and your HopScore will stay higher for a longer period of time.

It costs 0 Pro Credits to:

  • Copy: Copying a listing is the best way to quickly create a copy of an ad. Once you click on the copy button, a new copy of your original listing ad will appear in the Edit mode. Once you complete editing your copy, it will be saved as a new listing to the inactive tab, at which point you can activate it if you wish to advertise the listing. The original listing ad will also remain in your account.
  • You can also copy a listing from our Open Listing Bank to edit it and then post it for two Pro Credits. Copying a listing will bring you to the Edit mode, where you can modify the listing to input a unique description and add photos.

Note that a manually posted listing will expire after seven days – this is how we factor in the fast pace of the NYC rental market. If the unit you advertise is still available after 7 days, you have the option to reactivate the listing from your Active or Inactive tab.

Feed syndication

Syndication allows agents to push their listings from their site to many other platforms.

We feed listings on a “per slot” basis (the word “slot” refers to the ad placement on RentHop; each slot can only show one listing at a time). In other words, the number of slots dictates the number of listings appearing on RentHop. Note that your listings may rotate in and out of slots spending on what w receive in the feeds.

We accept XML feeds in a variety of formats, including but not limited to RealtyMX, OLR, Nestio, New York Times, Hotpads, StreetEasy, and Trulia. A detailed feed spec list is available upon request.

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