Agent's Guide to Using RentHop

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RentHop Listing Descriptions

Adding Additional Amenities


RentHop makes it very easy for you to add amenities to your listings. Simply select the items in the “Features & Amenities” section. For any additional features and amenities, you can add them under “Additional Features” field (remember to separate each feature by a comma)! Please only add in amenities that weren’t already selected as inputting the amenity manually again via the “Additional Features” field will result in the amenity being displayed twice on the listing details page.

Adding bullet points in the descriptions


We recommend that you always add additional features via the “Features & Amenities” section. That said, our system does support basic HTML in our descriptions. Should there be any crucial things that need to be conveyed, such as renter qualifications, credit score, or other special terms, you can refer to the following format to add bullet points in the description.

<li>Bullet 1</li>
<li>Bullet 2</li>
<li>Bullet 3</li>

Whereas, <p> is paragraph, <ul> and <li> is the bullet point. Use the <ul> tag together with the <li> tag to create lists. Be sure to close out each element as displayed.

Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity
Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity
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