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RentHop Open Listings Bank


As one of the last remaining open-listing friendly platforms, RentHop is dedicated to helping real estate agents and brokers looking to advertise such listings. We strongly believe that the continuation of open listings allows for a stronger rental market and better services for landlords and renters alike, along with the real estate professional community.

The Open Listings Bank helps agents find more open rental inventory in NYC. Agents with Pro Plans can access the Open Listings Bank.

Locate the Open Listings Bank


In your account dashboard, you can navigate to the Open Listings Bank tab or click the link at the top of your Listings tab.

Open listings bank location on RentHop account

How To Find An Open Listing To Advertise


To select a listing to post, you can sort based on neighborhood, bedroom count, price, and whether or not there are photos or fees associated with it. Once you have selected a listing to advertise, use the contact information for the landlord or management company to ensure you can gain access to the unit, schedule a viewing, or if there are any particular procedures you might need to follow. If a listing has been removed from the Open Listings Bank, it has most likely been rented and you should deactivate your listing as soon as possible so as to keep your information accurate. Reach out to the landlord or management company to confirm and see if they have any new availabilities.

How To Post An Open Listing from the Open Listings Bank


After you have clicked “Copy Listing” a listing draft will open so that you can edit the listing description and add in any additional photos you may have. Any unique information to the description or to images that you can add will help your listings stand out in comparison to others advertising the same listing.

Ensure that your contact information is correct and that you have the listing visibility for the repost scheduler set to the correct amount of scheduled reposts. Note that you can always go back and edit the scheduled reposts or listing later.

Misreporting the listings’ rent can result in account suspension. Please also deactivate listings as soon as they are off-market to the best of your ability. RentHop has a dedicated compliance team reviewing listings daily. RentHop works because the majority of advertisers believe in accurate and up-to-date listing advertisements.

View The Original Broker Blast


A broker blast is a communication sent out by landlords or management companies advertising the open listings they have for their property. While our Open Listings Bank has all the information entered into the copy of the listing, an agent might like to view the original broker blast or info sheet to double-check their listing. It is the agent’s responsibility to ensure that their listings are accurate and up-to-date.

Broker blast PDF on open listings bank

Best Practices and FAQs For Open Listings


What if the listing doesn’t have photos?

Use the contact information for the management company or landlord to set up a time to take your own photos.

How do you set up a showing?

Using the contact information for the management company or landlord, reach out to them as you would normally to schedule a showing.

What if I can’t get in touch with the management company or landlord?

Landlords may be tricky to get ahold of, so if you have tried multiple times to speak with one, we’d recommend finding another listing to advertise. We recommend ensuring you establish contact with the management company or landlord prior to advertising a listing. This allows you to make sure you will be able to gain access to the unit and will help your relationship with the management company or landlord.

What if I can’t get in touch with the management company or landlord after I originally confirmed with them prior to listing?

If you can’t get in touch with the management company or landlord, double-check to see if the listing is still active in the Open Listings Bank. Since the Bank is updated daily, if the listing is no longer there, you can assume that it has been rented and therefore should deactivate your listing.

Where are you sourcing these open listings?

All listings are sourced from broker blasts from landlords and management companies across the city. If there are any missing landlords and management companies that you would like for us to add to our system, please don’t hesitate to reach out to

How much does it cost to advertise these listings?

Once you’ve cloned an open listing via the Open Listings Bank, you can edit the listing, then save and activate the listing for 2 Credits.

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