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Getting a new lease during the summer - Tips and pointers!
Updated 6 days ago
Finding a new apartment to rent in New York City can be daunting, especially during the summer. In our recent study, we've discovered that the worst or most expensive months of the year to rent spreads across the summer season till early fall. Besides that, summer is also usually the most…
Things to look (and look out) for when renting in the winter
Updated 4 months ago
  We are currently living through the dead of winter and much of the country is struggling to stay warm and cozy inside. However, it is a little hard to stay cozy inside if you are looking for a new place to call home. While the last thing many people want to do in the winter is pack up all of…
Why sharing an apartment with a roommate is a major stepping stone
Updated 5 months ago
Everyone's roommate experiences will differ. Some people have roommates that they build lifelong bonds with, while others have hated their roommates. However, whether you have had good roommates or bad ones, all of these experiences have taught you valuable life lessons. These lessons will teach…
Prepping Your Apartment for the Winter
Updated 6 months ago
With November about halfway finished and the official start of winter only about a month away, it is time to start preparing for the cold! Cold weather can sneak up on us any day now, we're already feeling it in New York City, so don't wait too long and be late in your preparations. There are…
Cyber Monday Apartment Wishlist for 2017
Updated 7 months ago
Whether you have just newly moved into your own place or if you have lived alone for a while, there are always new things to purchase. Shopping lists are seemingly never-ending and there are always areas in your apartment that could be improved. One of the best times of the years to stock up on…
How to upgrade your bedroom on a $200 budget
Updated 7 months ago
Are you getting tired of your apartment and its look? Happens to us all. While we've worked hard to make our apartments our homes, sometimes its design and interior can become rather boring and old. Therefore, from time to time, give your apartment a little facelift! We understand with rent,…
10 Things You Have to Do When You Move Into a New Place
Updated 7 months ago
Moving is a stressful time and there is a lot of things that you need to do. However, there are also a few things that still need to be done after the move has done. We have already made a post about the 10 things you should buy when moving into an apartment, but what about things to do? While…
Can you share a studio apartment?
Updated 7 months ago
When it comes to living in an apartment, every person has different preferences for what type of apartment or building they prefer. Some may choose to live in bigger apartments, while some might choose to live in smaller ones. Like a studio apartment. While plenty of people live in a studio…
Things and Features That Could Decrease Your Rent
Updated 7 months ago
The amount of rent you will pay as a tenant depends on a number of different factors. Of course, you have things like how large the apartment is, how many bedrooms or bathrooms or how modern the building is, which each have a relation to how expensive the rent can be. However, there are many…
RentHop's Apartment Wishlist: Finding the Perfect Blanket
Updated 7 months ago
Every week there are certain things we would love to have in our apartments. Something might be way out of our price range, but one can dream, right? If we can't purchase it, we can still get inspired by it. And then there are things we totally can afford, and we love it. We're cold, you're cold,…
perfect blanket
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