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Some Friday Giggles
Wishing you a happy Friday and a fabulous weekend from your friends at RentHop! 1. When you claim to be a tank and your friends decide to test you one shot at a time
Top 7 Beer And Cider Brewery Tours In Boston
Samuel Adams Brewery Tour by Brandon Turner (CC BY [...]
Dating In Chicago? Here Are 7 Ideas For Your Next Date
Chicago Riverwalk by Tracie Hall (CC BY-SA 2.0) One can only go on so many [...]
Chicago Riverwalk
Some Friday Giggles
The good, the bad, and the weird things that happen to New Yorkers. 1. When you hear it's a coworker's birthday and there's cake in the conference room
5 Underrated Things You Should Check Out In New York City
Photo of Fort Tryon Park by Kristine Paulus (CC BY 2.0)
Top 5 Places To Get Your Grub On In Chicago
Burger at Au Cheval - Photo by Sam Howzit (CC BY 2.0) Most cities have [...]
Au Cheval
7 Tips to Make Boston Feel Like Home for a Newcomer
Photo by Tim Sackton (CC BY-SA 2.0) Boston is a great city to live, study, [...]
Boston Skyline
5 Things You Should Know Before You Move to NYC
Photo by  Andrés Nieto Porras (CC BY-SA 2.0) New [...]
New York Skyline
Insider Tips for Finding No Fee Listings in New York
No Fee Apartments for Rent The term "No-Fee apartments" is extremely confusing to most renters, even veterans who have lived in NYC most of their lives. A big source of the misunderstanding stems from two different types of apartments that one might advertise as having no [...]
These Hidden Gems Won't Wait For Anyone - Boston Edition
2 BR - Harding Street, East Cambridge
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