For Your Commute: 4 Best Self-Improvement Books Published in 2021

Are you stuck in a rut with the same old boring daily commute? Instead of napping or listening to music, why not switch it up and gain some helpful insight into improving your life. 

Yes. I said it. It’s TIME to take some TIME for YOU.

You spend each and every day taking care of others- it could be your family, co-workers or patients. Self-care is an often overlooked part of our lives, but possibly the most crucial area we should focus on. 

Here’s CitySignal’s picks for some of the best self-improvement books that were published in 2021.

Oliver Burkeman’s Four Thousand Weeks

Time management is something that plagues a lot of us. You are not alone! Four Thousand Weeks focuses on this very subject. This New York Times Bestseller was an instant success focusing on something we have a limited amount of-Time.

The name of the book comes from a very simple place. If we live to the age of 80, we will have roughly four thousand weeks of life on this earth. When you think about it, that’s not a lot of time. While we are here, we must make every minute count. This book will help you make the absolute best of the four thousand weeks we are given. 

Burkeman focuses on using an entertaining tone and lighthearted nature to help the reader recognize that time must be used wisely. It’s time to slow down and use this brief time we have to its fullest. 

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Nedra Glover Tawwab’s Set Boundaries, Find Peace: A Guide to Reclaiming Yourself 

The phrase “setting boundaries” may sound easy but putting it into practice can be HARD without some direction. Nedra Glover Tawwab’s main focus is to help us set healthy boundaries for ourselves. 

If you find yourself having a hard time saying “no” to anyone, this book is for you! It can be excruciatingly difficult to tell family members and friends “no” but this is necessary. You cannot always say “yes” to everything and learning to set personal boundaries is a must. If you do not find a healthy way to set boundaries, you can easily become burnt out in your relationships and feel overwhelmed. 

Nedra Glover Tawwab is a licensed counselor and she uses cognitive behavioral therapy techniques to help the reader understand and make a healthy boundaries plan for themselves. By identifying where we are lacking, we can help ourselves reduce anxiety, burnout and depression. 

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Benjamin Patrick’s Exercise Your Way to Mental Wellness

Is motivation a sore subject in your life? Do you have days where it’s hard to even get out of bed, much less go to the gym? 

Benjamin Patrick focuses on the correlation between physical wellness and mental wellness in Exercise Your Way to Mental Wellness. He focuses on the benefits one’s mental health can have if you take the time to focus on exercise for the physical body.

This book is easy to read and is well-written. It is organized in a way that even exercise novices can understand and jump right into. You can achieve physical wellness and in turn, improve your mental health and clarity!

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Kristen Butler’s 3-Minute Positivity Journal

This 2-month journal is perfect for anyone who needs a little inspiration and direction with self-healing. This book will help you write your thoughts down, rather than just thinking about them. Physically writing down your thoughts and goals is an excellent way to improve your mindset and work towards the ambitions that you have. 

The “Power of Positivity” is a huge focus in this book. It contains plenty of activities, quotes and mental health check-in’s. No time for sitting down and journaling? No problem here. Each day features a 3-minute lesson in the morning and evening. Easy Peasy! 

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We can all use a little self-improvement in our lives. No one is immune to that. Hopefully, you have gained some insight AND expanded your reading list.

Happy Reading! 

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