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What Neighborhood Is Right For Me?

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Picking the Right Neighborhood

New York is made up of many neighborhoods. Each neighborhood’s personality can vary on multiple factors including average rent, atmosphere, and social outlets. Depending on your interests, you may want to live in a neighborhood with easy access to bars, restaurants, and shopping. You may want to live somewhere quieter, in a more family-oriented neighborhood that has cute brunch places to go to on the weekends. Maybe some combination of the above, or maybe none of it.

Doing some research online and in person before looking for an apartment can help immensely when it comes to narrowing down your choices. We would recommend spending a day walking around the neighborhoods you’re considering to get a better sense of their atmospheres.

Some factors to consider include:

  • Commute time to work
  • Access to public transportation
  • Proximity to places like gyms, grocery stores, parks, religious centers, etc.
  • Noise levels
  • Crime rates & safety

For more information, check out RentHop’s neighborhood guides. We provide information on neighborhood atmosphere, history, and public transportation routes. To get a sense of how much apartments are cost in each neighborhood, see our rental statistics and trends page; we’ve collected median rents on the New York City rental market in most neighborhoods in the city here.

Also check out our blog post on “Four questions to ask when picking a neighborhood“.

Once you’ve considered how large the neighborhood you’re looking in is, what kind of personality you want your neighborhood to have, and how close you want to be to public transportation, you’ll be able to easily narrow down your search for the perfect (or near-perfect) neighborhood.

Don’t forget: You should still visit a neighborhood in person to really get an accurate first-person perspective on how you feel!

Extra tips:

  • When it comes to commuting, certain types of commutes – cross-town and cross-river – are especially time-consuming.
  • Watch out when it comes to renting an apartment directly above a restaurant or bar! Rent might be cheaper… but is it worth the pests and noise that might come with the location?
  • There are certain public transportation lines that are less reliable especially when it comes to bad weather. Relying on a bus in the winter can be excruciatingly slow! The above ground trains do fine, however, and the MTA is able to reliably keep ice and snow off the tracks.
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