Agent's Guide

How to Sublet Your Apartment

For Individual Homeowners, Sublets, and Leasebreaks

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How to Create a Listing As A Subletter, Landlord, or Homeowner on RentHop

Creating a listing on our site is easy! Please login to your account using the following link:

If you have yet to create an account, you can learn how to do so . You may have to fill out your profile/bio before you are allowed to advertise.

Once logged in, you can create a listing by hitting the green “Create Listing” button “ in the top right corner of any page on your dashboard.

Step by Step Guide to Creating  a Listing As A Subletter, Landlord, or Homeowner on RentHop 

    1. Address: The full correct street address with no abbreviations. Make sure that the full street address is typed out correctly, with the correct city, state, and zip code. Check the map below to ensure the listing is in the correct spot. If the listing is not mapping correctly, you may need to change up how the listing is written.  For example: “2 E 4 St.” vs “2 East 4th”. Please email our support team if your listing is still not mapping accurately.
    2. Unit / Apartment #: Enter this in if it is applicable, if not, leave it blank.
    3. Neighborhood search: Below the map, you can also see what neighborhoods your listing will appear in during a renter’s search. Neighborhoods on RentHop are denoted by Google
    4. Bedrooms: Enter the true original bedroom count. If you are advertising a room in a multi-room property, select “Room”. If you are advertising more than one room we recommend you either create two separate room/share listings to advertise on our site OR simply denote that there is more than one available room within the apartment for rent and their respective rental price per month. If your listing can flex +1 or +2, see the next step.
    5. Convertible / Flex Allowed: Check this if the listing can be converted. If you don’t know what this means, you should probably leave it blank or check out our definition here.
    6. Bathrooms: Enter the total available bathrooms in the unit the renter can use. Elaborate more in the description if there are other bathrooms in the unit or if the bathroom is shared.
    7. Monthly rent: Enter a number to denote the total monthly rent.
    8. Square footage: Optional, but good information to add!
    9. Availability date: The date the renter can move in to the property.
    10. Listing Description: Detailed description of the property, unit, and anything else. You can notate utilities, room share details, highlights, amenities, nearby attractions, and more. The more descriptive, the better.
    11. Your name, phone number, and email for receiving inquiries: Double check this information is correct if it auto-populates.
    12. Listing Type: Click an option if it applies or leave it blank.
    13. Unit Features, Building Features, Pet Policy: Click an option if it applies or leave it blank.
    14. Additional Features: Add additional features separated by commas, these will also show up in the renter’s search.
    15. Open House Schedule: This is optional. Click on the blue “Choose Times [+]” button and scroll through upcoming dates till you find the dates you will be available to show your apartment. Hold and drag to select/deselect multiple time frames in one go OR click to individually select certain time frames. Please select time frames/dates where you know you will be available to show the apartment to a renter!
    16. Video Tour Youtube/Vimeo/Matterport: Optional space to upload a video walkthrough of your listing.
    17. Upload Images: Add up to 20 images per listing by using our image uploader. Currently, we only accept JPEG and PNG files. Make sure your image file size is under 12 MB. Once the files are uploaded, you can easily rearrange the files into your preferred order and also denote certain images as the listing floorplan (simply click the “Floorplan” button on each listing). 
    18. Post Your Listing: Click the “Post Listing” button to save your listing. You will then be brought to your account listings page where you can view the listing you’ve just created. Continue to the Advertise Your Listing section to learn more about the final steps to activate your listing on RentHop so that renters can inquire on it.
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Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity
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