Agent's Guide

How to Sublet Your Apartment

For Individual Homeowners, Sublets, and Leasebreaks

Table of Contents

Fill Out Your Profile

After creating your RentHop account, the next step will be to fill out your RentHop profile via the account settings. Completing your RentHop profile will positively impact your listing’s rankings on our site and increase their search visibility! Profiles with little to no information may not see as many inquiries or leads.

You’ll have the option of filling out the following for your RentHop profile:

  1. Add a Profile Picture: Add a profile picture for renters to view to make the profile, and listing, a bit more personal. Personal touches will help you stand out more. 
  2. Your RentHop Page: Your RentHop Page will be your unique URL to share with renters! If you have filled out your bio, added a photo, languages spoken, and have an active listing, this will be a great and easy way to share your information on RentHop with another interested party.
  3. Your Name: Add your name to your profile for the same reason as we suggest adding a photo to your profile – to make it more personal. 
  4. Display Email: The display email is the public-facing email potential renters can see. This can be the same as your username or different.
  5. Primary Phone Number: Add a phone number so renters can contact you! You will also be prompted to verify your phone number, ensure your phone number is inputted correctly, so you don’t miss any communication or have your account locked.
  6. Secondary Phone Number: If you want to add a secondary phone number to your profile, you can do so. Note, this is just optional and not required. 
  7. Account Type: This should have been set when you first created your RentHop account. However, if you notice you initially picked the wrong account type (for example, you listed yourself as a renter looking for an apartment but you are really looking to sublet your apartment), please contact the support team at, and we will help you change your account type in no time. 
  8. Company: This is an optional field to fill in, only to be filled in if the company is relevant to the listing.
  9. Website: This is an optional field to fill in, only to be filled in if the website is relevant to the listing.
  10. Languages Spoken: Add your spoken languages for a more personal touch! This can help you connect with renters who speak other languages than just English. 
  11. Personal Bio: Make sure to fill out your personal bio. This will help you make your profile stand out more by making it more personal. The more information you have on your account, the more legitimate you appear for an interested renter.
  12. Notification Settings: Make sure to go over your Notification settings. The notification settings will allow you to receive messages from renters through text, email, or the RentHop app so you don’t miss out on any conversations

Now that you’ve set up your RentHop profile, it’s time to create your first listing!

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Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity
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