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Can Your Job Impact Where You Should Live?
Updated 8 months ago
Finding an apartment for rent that's affordable, in a good area, while being in good shape is not an easy task. Especially if you're looking to rent in a big city. The task gets even more daunting when you are trying to find an apartment in a city that you're not familiar with, which is often…
Chicago's Rat Complaints Continue to Grow
Updated 9 months ago
Chicago ranks #1 as the "rat capital" in the country. The abundance of garbage and buildings in The Windy City makes it a great location for these rats to seek shelter and food for survival. The presence of these furry critters poses a threat to city dwellers due to the fact that they are…
New York Still Unaffordable in 2018
Updated 9 months ago
East Harlem, LES, and Bed-Stuy Among Top NYC List of Unaffordable Neighborhoods In 2018, finding an apartment in NYC continues to be the easiest part of the process-- affording one, however, remains the hardest part. With median asking rents that vary from expensive ( $1,975 for a 2-bedroom in…
Is the Train of Rising Rents Slowing Down in DC?
Updated 10 months ago
The Metro Rail system in the DC metropolitan area is the third busiest metro systems in the nation, serving nearly 750,000 riders living in the District of Columbia, as well as parts of Maryland and Virginia. The sprawling Metrorail transit system provides a backbone for the metropolitan area…
The Effects of the 2016 Election on a Single Trump Building
Updated 10 months ago
In the 2016 elections, Hillary Clinton won New York City with 79% of the vote. In Manhattan, that number was 86.6%. On the island where Donald Trump first made a name for himself as a real estate developer, fewer than 1 in 5 residents voted for him. We decided to look at this situation through…
Rats Continue to Thrive in New York City Especially During Summer
Updated 10 months ago
Have you ever come across a group of rats carrying bits and pieces of leftover food while scurrying across the empty pavement on your way home? As New Yorkers, most of us have had a fair share of unexpected run-ins and incidents with rats. It is widely known that rats are rampant in the city…
In 2018 Can You Afford to Live in Miami? (It Depends on Where You Want to Live!)
Updated 10 months ago
Income Needed to Rent in Miami is Over the Annual Household Median Cost of living has been on the rise since, well, the beginning of time. Unfortunately, it seems like income just never catches up. Median household income for Miami-Dade County according to the most recent Census ACS is just…
Miami Dashboard
Can You Afford to Live in Los Angeles in 2018?
Updated 10 months ago
Most Los Angeles Apartments Require More Than The Annual Median Income To Rent Anyone looking for a home or renting an apartment knows it is nearly impossible to find something that you can afford and also love. The cost of living has been consistently rising and even with recent efforts and…
LA Dashboard
Is the Train of Rising Rents Slowing Down in Boston?
Updated 11 months ago
Boston's T is one of the largest rapid transit systems in the nation, behind New York City and Chicago and similar in size to Washington D.C. This means hundreds of thousands of people rely on the MBTA system to get them to and from work, school, yoga classes, and whatever else they may need. It…
Is New York City Finally Getting Cheaper?
Updated 11 months ago
Next Stop - Lower Rent New York's MTA subway system is an essential part of many New Yorkers' lives. With as many as 5.7 million riders each weekday, it truly is the backbone of the city. It should be no surprise then, that it is one of the first things that people consider when looking to rent…
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