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Can You Afford To Live In Chicago? (Armour Square Ranked Least Affordable)
Updated 1 week ago
Less than a Third of Chicago Neighborhoods are Affordable Curious which parts of Chicago are actually affordable? With widely varying rents across the city ($725 in Burnside vs $3,100 in Near North Side for the median two-bedroom) it's no surprise that some neighborhoods have rents that are just…
chicago Affordability
Can You Afford To Live In Boston? (Maybe Outside Suffolk County)
Updated 2 weeks ago
Median Annual Income Won't Afford Suffolk County Apartments We pulled data for two-bedroom median rents across Boston ($2,600 for the whole metro area), and found many neighborhoods to be quite affordable, much more affordable, in fact, than Los Angeles and Miami, where nearly all neighborhoods…
Boston Cost of Living Map
Can You Afford To Live In Miami? (Probably Not)
Updated 2 weeks ago
Income Needed to Rent in Miami is Over the Annual Household Median Cost of living has been on the rise since, well, the beginning of time. Unfortunately, it seems like income just never catches up. Median household income for Miami-Dade County according to the most recent Census ACSis just…
Can you afford to live in Miami?
Can You Afford To Live In Los Angeles? (Most People Can't)
Updated 2 weeks ago
Most Los Angeles Apartments Require More Than The Annual Median Income To Rent Anyone looking for a home or renting an apartment knows it is nearly impossible to find something that you can afford and also love. The cost of living has been consistently rising and even with recent efforts and…
LA Cost of Living Map
How Much Does Crime Affect Rent Prices?
Updated 1 month ago
Public safety and crime rates in major US cities have been getting more attention in the news lately. While historically, crime rates across the country have been dropping since the 1990's, in the past two years, violent crime has been on the rise. These recent spikes, while far from the…
Crime in Major US Cities
Rental Scams and How to Avoid Them
Updated 1 month ago
Summer is rapidly approaching, which means that the renting season will soon be in full gear. Historically, the rental markets begin to tighten around May, as new students and graduates begin work or school. Unfortunately, the fierce competition and higher prices also create the perfect…
Washington DC Rents by Metro Stop 2017
Updated 1 month ago
Commute to $ave Hundreds at Some Metro Stops Washington DC's Metro rail system is the third busiestin the nation, serving nearly 750,000 weekday riders. Serving parts of Virginia and Maryland as well as the District of Columbia, the sprawling Metrorail transitsystem provides a backbone for the…
DC Metro Rent Map
Boston Median Rent by T Stop 2017
Updated 2 months ago
Rising Rents Don't Stop Here Boston's T is one of the largest rapid transit systems in the nation, behind New York City and Chicago and similar in size to Washington D.C. This means hundreds of thousands of people rely on the MBTA to get them to and from work, shopping, doctor's appointments, and…
New York City Rents By Subway Stop 2017
Updated 2 months ago
Next Stop - Lower Rent Prices New York's MTA subway system is an essential part of many New Yorkers' lives. With as many as 5.7 million riders each weekday, it truly is the backbone of the city. It should be no surprise then, that it is one of the first things that people consider when looking to…
Chicago Median Rent by L Train Stop 2017
Updated 2 months ago
Next Stop Higher Rent Prices Chicago's CTA 'L' train system is an essential part of many Chicagoan's lives. With around 800,000 riders each weekday, it eases traffic congestion and improves the lives of every Chicagoan, even the ones that don't ride it. It should be no surprise then, that it is…
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