Certain features and amenities may be vital to you when searching for an apartment. Typically, the higher your budget, the more features, and amenities you can expect in your unit. Additionally, the neighborhood and type of building you rent in may affect your expected features. An older walk-up building will likely not feature a fitness center or doorman but may have laundry in the basement. If specific features are important to you, you may consider explicitly searching for property types that have them. On RentHop, you can apply search filters to narrow down searches further.

Some features cost more than others. On average, a tenant in a doorman building pays an extra $260 per month than a tenant in a non-doorman building. For more specific statistics, refer to RentHop’s data study on features that raise your rent.

What Features and Amenities Should I Prioritize?

While it is unlikely that you will find an apartment that has all of the below features, a few of the following may be especially important for your day-to-day.

Pet friendly

If you have a pet or are thinking of acquiring one while living in your next apartment, you will need to find a pet-friendly unit. Some apartments may require that you pay an additional fee to have a pet. Usually, this designation applies to cats and dogs. If you have another type of pet, you may be able to rent an apartment that is not “pet-friendly,” but you should still ask your agent or landlord for specifications to ensure you don’t break any lease terms.

Walk-up vs. elevator

As mentioned earlier in the guide, living in a walk-up building can impact your daily life if you’re on a higher floor. Carrying items like groceries or small furniture may become increasingly difficult as you climb stairs. In an elevator building, you will not have this experience.

Unit with a dishwasher

While many buildings and units have installed dishwashers, there are still apartments without this feature. Some people may not mind handwashing their dishes, but those with many roommates or family members may prioritize having a dishwasher to ensure they keep the space clean and pest-free.

Laundry in-unit vs. in-building vs. none at all

Everyone dreams of an in-unit washer and dryer, but even having laundry in the building is a step in the right direction. If your unit and building do not have laundry, find out where the local laundromat is and think about the experience of carrying laundry to that location.

Fitness center

Newer luxury buildings may have fitness centers, including spa rooms, yoga studios, and other features. Be mindful that some facilities may not include this feature for free, and you may have to pay a monthly gym membership to access the space.


A doorman can accept packages and visitors and provide other small services to your communal area. This feature can be convenient for those who need an extra hand with daily activities, and tenants typically form relationships with their doorman.

Parking space

If you have a car in the city, you may not want to go through the process of finding street parking every time you drive. Additionally, abiding by street cleaning rules can be a hassle. You may consider finding a building with assigned parking spots. Typically, you will pay an additional monthly fee for parking. If you decide not to rent a unit with a parking space, you can still use several apps to help find parking spots around the city.

Private outdoor space

Outdoor lovers may prioritize an apartment with access to the outdoors. While some buildings may have communal courtyards and common roof decks, a few may have space designated for the individual unit. Should you decide to spring for a place with private space, make sure you’re ready to maintain the space and understand that you may not get much use out of it during the colder months.

Utilities & water included in the rent

Certain utilities like heat and water may be included in your rent in older buildings as the building cannot differentiate use between tenants. Some buildings may also cover all utilities, saving you the hassle of paying another bill each month.

If you are moving to New York City for the first time and are unsure which utilities to prioritize, refer to RentHop’s tips about amenities worth searching for.