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Features & Amenities

Make sure to take some time to decide on a list of deal-breakers and makers. For example, “Must have in-unit laundry” or “Must have elevator or be no more than a second-floor walkup”.

Here’s a list of features and amenities you may want to consider:

Depending on the features and amenities you want and need, you may find yourself paying a very different price than someone else living in a similar neighborhood.

Further Reading

There are plenty of online resources you can use when searching for an apartment to rent. Other than using an apartment listings site like RentHop, you can choose to target brokerage firms directly. While this could limit the kinds of listings you see in your search, it also might make for a more seamless and personalized experience.

Some corporations and universities may also have a page or two on their site dedicated to helping their employees/students find appropriate apartments!

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