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Research and Studies

Research & Studies

Can Your Job Impact Where You Should Live?
Updated 6 months ago
Finding an apartment for rent that's affordable, in a good area, while being in good shape is not an easy task. Especially if you're looking to rent in a big city. The task gets even more daunting when you are trying to find an apartment in a city that you're not familiar with, which is often…
2018 U.S. Market Trends
Updated 13 months ago
2017 was a fruitful year for the U.S. Despite the political climate and three hurricanes, our economy has been growing at a steady pace. Interest rates and jobs are on the rise, and so is minimum wage. The stock market had a phenomenal year, and let us not forget this -- after rounds of…
Are you (or your apartment) ready for a pet?
Updated 14 months ago
According to ASPCA (2015-2016), approximately 44% of all households in the US have a dog and 35% have a cat. Having a pet is a big responsibility. Adding a pet to the equation when living in a big metropolitan area, makes it even more of a responsibility. Not only do most big cities not offer a…
Here's Why Rents are So High
Updated 15 months ago
Lack of Construction Driving High Rents Across the U.S. The U.S. economy has been growing at a steady pace, with GDP going up and the unemployment rate falling to 4.1 percent, lowest since January 2007. However, even as headline inflation increased by only 12 percent nationally between 2010 and…
Looking To Save Money On Rent? (Get a Roommate)
Updated 16 months ago
Would You Get a Roommate to Save 40% Off Your Rent? One of the most common, although not necessarily the easiest, ways to lower your rent is to move out of that one-bedroom apartment, get a roommate, and move in to a two-bedroom apartment. It's probably best if it's not that boyfriend or…
National Roommate Savings Map
U.S. Census Bureau Released Residential Vacancies Stats for Q2 2017
Updated 17 months ago
Data Highlights The overall rental vacancy rate in the U.S. is 7.3%, compared to 6.7% in the second quarter 2016, and the homeowner vacancy rate is 1.5%, compared to 1.7% in the second quarter 2016. The rental vacancy rate inside metropolitan areas is 7.2%, 0.9 percentage points higher than the…
Screen Shot 2017-08-16 at 6.53.07 PM
9 Ways to Save Money on Rent
Updated 18 months ago
  There's an old rule of thumb that says you should look to spend only 30 percent of your pre-tax income on rent every month. According to federal guidelines, people who spend more than 30 percent of their income on housing are considered cost burdened and if you spend more than 50 percent…
Coffee Shops as an Indicator of Rent
Updated 19 months ago
The American city runs on coffee. It's served nearly everywhere, in cafes, restaurants, and corner stores, and it's an ingrained part of most people's morning routines. From the distinct taste, to the plethora of ways it can be prepared, to the benefits of caffeine, most people can find an aspect…
How Much Does Crime Affect Rent Prices?
Updated 20 months ago
Public safety and crime rates in major US cities have been getting more attention in the news lately. While historically, crime rates across the country have been dropping since the 1990's, in the past two years, violent crime has been on the rise. These recent spikes, while far from the…
Crime in Major US Cities
Rental Scams and How to Avoid Them
Updated 20 months ago
Summer is rapidly approaching, which means that the renting season will soon be in full gear. Historically, the rental markets begin to tighten around May, as new students and graduates begin work or school. Unfortunately, the fierce competition and higher prices also create the perfect…
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