Where are all the Pokémon Gyms in New York City? (2016)

RentHop Maps’em All

With Pokémania at epidemic levels, not even the team at RentHop has been spared. Rather than fight it, though, we’ve decided to embrace the phenomenon. While we’ve noticed scattered sets Pokemon Go data on gym locations, we haven’t yet found a comprehensive list yet for NYC. So, we decided to build our own. Members of our team drove around Manhattan and Brooklyn to map out each Pokemon Go gym in NYC, starting with Manhattan. After many hours, miles, Pokémon captured, eggs hatched, and gyms claimed for Team Mystic, the team mapped over 200 gyms in Manhattan along with another 100 in northwestern Brooklyn.



So – would you like to live next to or right on top of a Pokémon Go gym (holding the fort for your Pokémon Team)? Look no further. Using the data collected, listings on the RentHop site will now show the proximity to the nearest one. We show an example in the below image.

Pokemon gyms on apartment listings


More importantly, our NY map-based apartment finder will also include Pokémon Gym locations to complement our neighborhood and on-demand filters.

Map of Pokémon Gym Locations in New York

Gyms in Manhattan and Brooklyn are fairly evenly spaced, with a large number running along the water-lines. They generally show up every 4-5 blocks (or 2 avenues) throughout the city. Poké stops, on the other hand, occur every block. Chances are, if you live in the city, you’ll live right on top of a Poké stop (so no need to worry about running out of pokéballs). Some of you may have played Ingress (another game by Niantic). We note that even though all Poke stops and gyms are Ingress portals, the reverse is not true.


Did we miss something? Do you have any questions? Contact us at feedback@renthop.com.

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