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No matter where you're moving to, finding a new home is hard. We're making it better. Join us on our quest to modernize apartment rentals.
To apply, please email your resume to Please include the title of the position for which you are applying in the subject of your email. All positions are for our Midtown, New York office. Playing NYC volleyball is a plus but not required. We also love team Escape Rooms! Also, if you are a current college undergraduate or a graduating high school senior entering a college undergraduate program, consider applying to the RentHop College Scholarship. Those who have an interest in marketing, business development, PR, or engineering are also welcome to accept an optional internship with RentHop.
Taipei UX / UI Graphical Designer
我們在尋找熱情且有才華的視覺設計師,協助公司各項網站與APP的設計,與我們前端工程師團隊、APP客戶團隊或市場及SEM 團隊,共同設計使用者的交互體驗,在實踐客戶的可用性時,平衡資訊傳播與美感之間的關係,並發揮您對於美學的專業,提升使用者的心靈感受。須對美感有一定水準的要求及堅持,並確保品牌的一致性。有設計過美國電商網站,或房地產網站的尤佳。須具備良好的英文溝通能力且擅於團隊合作,能夠接受與紐約團隊的時差,每週至少一次在台灣晚上時間進行視訊會議。相信在這裡能讓你大展長才,全方位發揮設計潛力,歡迎設計高手加入我們!
(Note:  If it isn't already obvious, fluent Mandarin is a strong plus for the Taipei-based roles...)
Junior Data Scientist
We love data. We love real estate. While some people see boring statistics, we see exciting untold stories about consumer behavior and neighborhood trends. We are sitting on years of proprietary rental and sales data, so if you enjoy living and breathing data, we have a dream playground for you.Every month we publish data studies and interactive widgets showcasing our latest findings. We have a long list of interesting data experiments to run, and we can always use new and fresh ideas in our brainstorming sessions. Bring your creativity and your favorite analysis package and we are ready to roll!

The pipeline for publishing studies includes:

  1. Brainstorming a cool idea
  2. Analyzing the data to explore the hypothesis
  3. Build an interactive tool to showcase the finding
  4. Write a report describing the key takeaways
  5. Interview with reporters and bloggers for publications

For those who aren't used to dealing with reporters -- don't worry, it's fun getting your name published and journalists love data geeks.

Requirements Include:

- Expertise in extracting, cleaning, analyzing and manipulating data
- Eagerness to learn a breadth of skills from publishing studies to building infographics
- Curiosity and creativity around real estate or neighborhood living
- Initiative and independence to work in small teams

See other cool perks of joining the team!

RealtyHop Real Estate Data Analyst
We have many years of rental and sales data combining housing inventory listings, purchase and sale transactions, HOA and co-op assessments, property tax histories, and liens recorded. We need a statistical data analyst who can lead a series of high impact projects leveraging the vast amount of information we’ve collected.

Immediate projects include data studies based on U.S. census data, city government open data, and RealtyHop's proprietary databases. The candidate is expected to have extensive knowledge of Public Relations as he/she will be required to interact with reporters, such as pitching data studies as well as responding to questions and explaining the findings. We will also experiment with our mortgage and property tax data to further assist investors with their investment decisions. The candidate is expected to conduct property valuations and present the results based on key metrics, including cap rates, IRR, equity multiple, etc We intend to use any findings to revamp our growth and pricing strategies.

The same analysis skills will be useful in optimizing our own business and monetization efforts. The candidate should be comfortable analyzing customer acquisition costs, demand elasticity, retention / churn metrics, and lifetime customer value. Tasks include interviews and focus groups with clients to test demand elasticity, computing customer lifetime value under different acquisition strategies, identifying and tracking differing metrics across differing cohorts, and optimizing our pricing packages to maximize customer and company value.

We will attempt to analyze foreign investor behavior, focusing specifically on Chinese investors and their holdings in major cities in the United States.

Requirements Include:

- Bachelors Degree or higher with knowledge of foreign languages or foreign literature
- Masters Degree or higher with knowledge of corporate communications, public relations, or marketing
- Minimum one year of experience in real estate with knowledge in finance or real estate finance
- Familiar with hypothesis testing, CAPM, factor modeling, and residual analysis
- Working knowledge of some or all: Excel, HTML, R, SQL, Argus, and geospatial data management and analysis
- Extensive experience in U.S. census data and government open data
- Fluent in Mandarin, deep knowledge of Chinese / Taiwanese culture, to translate website content and provide client support for our targeted foreign real estate buyers. Chinese webpages requires native proficiency in traditional Chinese characters.
Marketing Lead
We spend far too much on Google Adwords and FB marketing with little optimization and not nearly enough intelligent targeting. We know we can do better. Join and take over the sizable marketing budget and lead our expansion efforts to Boston, Chicago, and the rest of the nation. We're open to many creative ideas! For example, you could:

- Grow and lead a team of bloggers passionate about real estate.
- Work with our designer to generate revamped offline and online creatives.
- Collaborate with our PR firm to help spread the word.
- Propose anything wild or crazy; it beats giving more money to Google and Facebook.
- Bonus points if you want product management or business development responsibilities.
Benefits and Perks
- Solve big problems - we have millions of monthly views, and we are a profitable graduate of Y Combinator
- Amazing office space and amenities in Midtown, NYC (block from Grand Central).
- Whatever equipment you need (4 monitors? Laptop? Beanbag? Tea shots?)
- Daily team lunches (but order whenever you want from Seamless).
- Competitive compensation and benefits.
Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity
Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity
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