Washington DC Rents by Metro Stop 2017

Commute to $ave Hundreds at Some Metro Stops

Washington DC’s Metro rail system is the third busiest in the nation, serving nearly 750,000 weekday riders. Serving parts of Virginia and Maryland as well as the District of Columbia, the sprawling Metrorail transit system provides a backbone for the metropolitan area while stimulating business and real estate development. It’s no wonder Metro proximity is one of the first things renters consider when looking for a new Washington DC apartment.

Here’s a few things we learned while making this handy DC rent map

  • Overall, one-bedroom rent in Washington DC is up 2.6% year over year
  • Rents increased near 61 of the 91 Metro stops, while dropping at 19 stops; 11 stops didn’t have enough data for year over year
  • A development boom has been hitting Washington DC, with new luxury buildings popping up in Tyson’s Corner, NoMA, Southwest Waterfront, and Bethesda
  • Across the Anacostia into southeast Washington, rents are rising drastically, although they are still among the lowest in the DC metropolitan area

Our Interactive DC Metrorail Map has Rental Data for all Metro Stops

To calculate the median rent for the map above, we used RentHop rental data for one bedroom apartments from 2016 & 2017 as well as WMATA GIS data for Metrorail stops from DC.gov. To get accurate prices near the Metro stops, we looked first at non-duplicated listings within one eighth of a mile (660 feet) of a WMATA stop and if there were at least 30 unique data points we calculated the median. If not, the radius from the stop was increased and the data was resampled to ensure enough unique listings were used when calculating the median.

Ride the Metro to Savings

Would you travel an extra stop to save a couple hundred dollars? How about for over $700?  We dug deep into the data for the best single stop rent savings and found some very useful results.

The list below represents the largest price drops between a single stop. Sometimes this is because the stops are in different neighborhoods, rents fell at one stop, prices soared at the other, or all of the above. It’s also possible that apartments near a particular stop aren’t apples-to-apples with the apartments just one stop away. We may have left some out due to miles long stretches between stops.

Turn your commute into extra cash at these stops

  • Save $728 between East Falls Church ($2,248) and West Falls Church ($1,520) – Orange/Silver Line
  • Save $593 by living near Addison Road ($983) instead of Morgan Blvd ($1,575) – Blue/Silver Line
  • Save $499 between Eastern Market ($2,320) and Potomac Ave ($1,821) – Orange/Blue/Silver Line
  • Save $475 by moving from the U Street ($2,350) to Columbia Heights ($1,875) – Yellow/Green Line
  • Save $453 between Georgia Ave ($1,828) and Fort Trotten ($1,375) – Yellow/Green Line
  • Save $445 and live near the Waterfront ($2,050) instead of L’Enfant Plaza ($2,495) – Green Line

New Developments Add Supply While Some Raise Rents

The real estate boom sweeping Washington DC has added tons of new units to the market, albeit at higher prices than the older units. Tyson’s Corner is one such area where beautiful new buildings continue to pop up. Luxury high-rises like the Nouvelle, VITA, Adaire, and Highgate are adding nearly 2,000 new units to the market, with prices starting as low as $1,700.

The Southwest Waterfront area has seen some grand new developments lately as well. Luxury buildings like 525 Water are helping The Wharf take shape. The ‘Insignia on M’ near Navy Yard Station has just added 324 units starting at $2,300.

We’re even seeing development up in Bethesda, where the Hampden Row Condos add $3,000+ per month luxury units near the Bethesda Red Line station.

Does the Train of Rising Rents Stop?

With median rent on one-bedroom apartments up 2.6% from last year, there’s only a few places where rent has actually decreased. In areas like NoMa and Navy Yard, rent actually went down with the addition of the new developments there.

These Metro stops saw the biggest rent drops on one bedroom apartments

  • Green Line – Navy Yard-Ballpark – (-8.9%) $2,095
  • Red/Green/Yellow Line – Fort Trotten – (-8.3%) $1,375
  • Red Line – Union Station – (-7.2%) $2,218
  • Red Line – NoMa-Gallaudet – (-7.2%) $2,135
  • Silver Line – Spring Hill – (-7.1%) $1,650
  • Red Line – Rhode Island Ave-Brentwood – (-6.9%) $1,768

Here’s a few of the many stops where rent went up

  • Blue/Yellow Line – Franconia-Springfield – (+11.4%) $1,671
  • Blue/Orange/Silver Line – Foggy Bottom-GWU – (+10.2%) $2,425
  • Green Line – Congress Heights – (+10%) $1,100
  • Blue/Orange/Silver Line – McPherson Square – (+9.4%) $2,625
  • Red Line – Cleveland Park – (+8.3%) $2,057.50
  • Green/Yellow Line – Georgia Ave-Petworth – (+8.1%) $1,827.50

There’s a Still Map for Easy Sharing

Click For High Resolution

Here’s a Full List of All 91 Stops and Median Rent

Station Name Metro Line(s) One-Bedroom Median
Metro Center Red, Blue, Orange, Silver $2,700.00
McPherson Square Blue, Orange, Silver $2,625.00
Federal Triangle Blue, Orange, Silver $2,578.00
Smithsonian Blue, Orange, Silver $2,525.00
Shaw-Howard U Green, Yellow $2,500.00
Archives-Navy Memorial-Penn Quarter Green, Yellow $2,500.00
Gallery Pl-Chinatown Red, Green, Yellow $2,500.00
Farragut West Blue, Orange, Silver $2,500.00
L’Enfant Plaza Green, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Silver $2,495.00
Federal Center SW Blue, Orange, Silver $2,495.00
Farragut North Red $2,460.00
Capitol South Blue, Orange, Silver $2,458.00
Judiciary Square Red $2,450.00
Foggy Bottom-GWU Blue, Orange, Silver $2,425.00
Mt Vernon Sq 7th St-Convention Center Green, Yellow $2,400.00
Clarendon Orange, Silver $2,360.00
U Street/African-Amer Civil War Memorial/Cardozo Green, Yellow $2,350.00
Eastern Market Blue, Orange, Silver $2,320.00
Dupont Circle Red $2,300.00
East Falls Church Orange, Silver $2,248.00
Rosslyn Blue, Orange, Silver $2,240.00
Union Station Red $2,218.00
Pentagon City Blue, Yellow $2,142.00
NoMa-Gallaudet Red $2,135.00
Woodley Park-Zoo/Adams Morgan Red $2,115.00
Navy Yard-Ballpark Green $2,095.00
Pentagon Blue, Yellow $2,079.00
Cleveland Park Red $2,057.50
Waterfront Green $2,050.00
Arlington Cemetery Blue $2,014.00
Court House Orange, Silver $2,010.00
Tenleytown-AU Red $1,999.00
Friendship Heights Red $1,950.00
King St-Old Town Blue, Yellow $1,950.00
Ballston-MU Orange, Silver $1,950.00
Virginia Square-GMU Orange, Silver $1,932.00
Van Ness-UDC Red $1,920.00
Bethesda Red $1,919.50
Braddock Road Blue, Yellow $1,910.00
Columbia Heights Green, Yellow $1,875.00
Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport Blue, Yellow $1,845.00
Georgia Ave-Petworth Green, Yellow $1,827.50
Crystal City Blue, Yellow $1,825.00
Potomac Ave Blue, Orange, Silver $1,820.50
Twinbrook Red $1,797.50
Stadium-Armory Blue, Orange, Silver $1,790.00
Medical Center Red $1,780.00
Dunn Loring-Merrifield Orange $1,770.00
Rhode Island Ave-Brentwood Red $1,768.00
Silver Spring Red $1,702.00
Eisenhower Avenue Yellow $1,700.00
Greensboro Silver $1,700.00
Franconia-Springfield Blue, Yellow $1,671.00
Spring Hill Silver $1,650.00
Tysons Corner Silver $1,650.00
Huntington Yellow $1,625.00
Takoma Red $1,625.00
Largo Town Center Blue, Silver $1,625.00
Shady Grove Red $1,620.00
College Park-U of MD Green, Yellow $1,615.00
White Flint Red $1,600.00
Rockville Red $1,587.50
Morgan Boulevard Blue, Silver $1,575.00
Branch Ave Green $1,570.00
Brookland-CUA Red $1,565.00
Vienna/Fairfax-GMU Orange $1,550.00
Grosvenor-Strathmore Red $1,540.00
Wiehle-Reston East Silver $1,537.50
Greenbelt Green, Yellow $1,525.00
West Falls Church-VT/UVA Orange $1,520.00
Wheaton Red $1,497.00
McLean Silver $1,495.00
Van Dorn Street Blue, Yellow $1,495.00
Forest Glen Red $1,400.00
Fort Totten Red, Green,Yellow $1,375.00
Glenmont Red $1,350.00
Prince George’s Plaza Green, Yellow $1,325.00
West Hyattsville Green, Yellow $1,220.00
Minnesota Ave Orange $1,180.00
Anacostia Green $1,174.00
New Carrollton Orange $1,135.00
Suitland Green $1,115.50
Benning Road Blue, Silver $1,108.00
Congress Heights Green $1,100.00
Naylor Road Green $1,082.50
Landover Orange $1,075.00
Southern Avenue Green $1,063.00
Capitol Heights Blue, Silver $1,054.50
Deanwood Orange $1,015.00
Addison Road-Seat Pleasant Blue, Silver $982.50
Cheverly Orange $980.00

What Does This Mean for You?

Finding an apartment in Washington D.C. isn’t easy. Deciding where to live and starting your search is probably the most difficult step. By giving you as much information about the market as possible, RentHop hopes to point you in the right direction. Maps like this are just one of the data-backed insights we offer. All of our Washington DC apartments for rent are ranked using available data to ensure that renters always see the best quality apartments.

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