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Golan Assulin
Bond New York
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Having seen both the best and worst of times in his 7 years as a luxury specialist in the New York real estate market, Golan Assulin has managed to adapt to the ever changing markets and ever evolving consumer profile. His inherent qualities of being both flexible and disciplined have served him well over the years, empowering him to continually engage situations head-on and with the confidence that, no matter what he encounters, he is equipped to handle it. Being able to find an apartment for a customer that they will then call 'home' - in a city as diverse as this one - is often a matter of hard work and determination. He excels in this regard, however, for his expertise is nearly unmatched at locating off-market properties for his serious customers. He brings all of his focus, ambition, and excitement to his work, with the sole goal of meeting as many of their desires as possible, and his efforts are always honest, thoughtful, and efficient. He always devotes his full energy to every encounter, no matter the economic atmosphere or the budget of his customers & clients.
Midtown East - Head Quarters
Languages Spoken: English .Hebrew
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Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity
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