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Bruno knows the rental process thoroughly and prepares his clients for any obstacles that he foresees from the beginning, while always leaving the finishing touches to his fine-tuned ability for negotiation. His practiced experience with the market has gained him the trust of many landlords and allows him to see potential deals that wouldn't occur to other agents.

When clients first talk to Bruno Boudjemai, his unaffected candidness in discussing the market gives them the sense that nothing will discourage him from getting them the right apartment. His extensive knowledge of the city, helps to narrow down exactly what they're looking for, his inventive way of working the industry that he knows so well comes through.

For over 15 years, Bruno has annually ranked among top agents

Bruno says that to find a great apartment in New York, your options in space and price are often determined by area. If you restrict yourself to a specific neighborhood, you're only going to see a certain type of apartment. You will end up being limited to whatever is available in that location, instead of looking according to all of your specifications. Manhattan is only a 13-mile island ... but today, pretty much anywhere has hip neighborhoods; thanks to mass transit you can go everywhere and be in touch with everything else anywhere in this city. If you're open to different neighborhoods, you can get the best deal that's out there.

He is a veteran in the New York City rental market.
Languages Spoken: French., English
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Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity
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