RentHop’s Apartment Wishlist: Red decor for the apartment


Every week there are certain things we would love to have in our apartments. Something might be way out of our price range, but one can dream, right? If we can’t purchase it, we can still get inspired by it. And then there are things we totally can afford, and we love it.

We just did a piece on yellow additions that can spruce up your apartment. We love the color and we think it’s a great way to make an apartment more than just an apartment, and make it a home. Being that we’re now in August (really, already?!) we thought it would only be appropriate that the next color would be red. Red is a warm color and it reminds us of Fall, which we are, whether we like it or not, approaching. These seven red decor pieces for your apartment might help you prepare to welcome a new season soon.

1. Original 8 x 10 Canvas Art, Oil Painting by Joanna Frick –

Everything about this oil painting is just, yes. Art work can play a big factor in an apartments energy. So does colors. So what better way to welcome the new season with some great art work? This abstract yellow and red oil painting make us want Fall already. Price tag: $105

2. Julia End Table –

Simple and small tables are always a great addition to an apartment, especially if your apartment is smaller by default. It’s great for small storage needs, such as your gloves and hats, as it has a small drawer. Add this table to your hall way, if you can spare the room. Price tag: $142.99

3. Red Chrome Mini Table Lamp –

Great furniture or decor does not need to be pricey to be great. You can get a lot of great items for cheap as well. Like this lamp! Looking for a new lamp? How about this red chrome mini table lamp for your place? Doesn’t take too much space, stunning vibrant color, and finish, and you can’t beat the price! Price tag: $14.99

4. York Roll Arm Upholstered Deep Seat Armchair –

A comfortable chair is a must for any apartment. This deep seat armchair in the color basketweave slub is our favorite right now. Price tag: $959

5. Luxor Linens Vivace Solid Luxury Throw –

Need a new blanket to go with the red new chair you just bought? Or you just want to add some color to your current chairs and couch? We got you. This great throw blanket is not only super soft and a nice vibrant red color, but it also has a reasonable price for a throw blanket! Price tag: $34.99

6. DL & Co. Lady Rhubarb Rare Botanic Candle –

Candles go hand in hand with Fall. So even if it’s too hot now to light candles around the apartment, storing up on some for when that first cold night comes, is not a bad idea. Spoil yourself and get this Lady rhubarb botanic candle, that not only looks cute but smells great.

Price tag: $16.99

7. 16 Oz Large Bistro Mug Ceramic Coffee Tea Mug Glass French Bulldog –

This one is for the dog lovers (who isn’t a dog lover?). Dogs make us happy. That’s that. Get this mug. Price tag: $14.99

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