RentHop’s Apartment Wishlist: 8 Must Have Mugs for Fall


Every week there are certain things we would love to have in our apartments. Something might be way out of our price range, but one can dream, right? If we can’t purchase it, we can still get inspired by it. And then there are things we totally can afford, and we love it.

This week it is all about the mugs. The weather is changing and therefore we need to change our mugs as well. Fall and Winter is coming, the two seasons where tea, coffee, hot chocolate, and other hot beverages are on the menu pretty much every day to keep us warm. Investing in new, fun mugs for the apartment is a great way to introduce new things to your home, that doesn’t necessarily cost you a whole lot. Just check out the following eight that we picked out below!

1. Easy, Tiger Hot Stuff Mug –

Everyone needs a motivational mug. No one needs a significant other or anyone else to tell us how amazing we are, but sometimes it’s nice to have a mug tell us when we forget. Price tag: $12

2. I love Netflix Long Walks to the Fridge Mug –

Yes, yes, yes. Update from the well-known Netflix and chill. Right now it’s all about Netflix and long walks to the fridge, people! Price tag: $35

3. I Do What I Want Funny Ceramic Coffee Mug –

This one is for all the cat lovers out there. This would be the perfect mug for those weekends where you don’t want to do anything but lay in bed and binge watch while ordering online so you don’t have to face interactions with people more than necessary. Price tag: $10

4. Juliska Puro Coffee Cup –

Funny mugs are great. But what if you want to bring a more cozy, sophisticated mug to, for example, the office? Or just to have at home when guest come over? This one hits the mark for just that! Price tag: $25

5. Jac Vanek In Memory Coffee Mug –

Sleeping in is a luxury for most people. Remember those days? Well, luckily we still have them on the weekends but for the weekdays, this is the mug. Price tag: $16

6. Create Mug –

Simple, clean, and motivating. This is probably the perfect mug for those procrastinating hours! Price tag: $15

7. “Eat Cake for Breakfast” Mug –

Because we’re not here to tell you what you can or can not eat for breakfast. However, we highly suggest cake if it’s there and you can. Price tag: $20

8. “I’m Only Talking to My Dog Today” Mug –

Since we had one for the cat lovers, of course, we need one for the dog lovers! Having a pet is therapeutic and a pet’s love is like no other. So, when times are tough, cuddle up with your doggie and this mug. People will understand.  Price tag: $17

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