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Websites Serving The NYC Short-Term, Sublet, Rental Spectrum

Originally posted on January 23, 2020 10:40 am
Updated on July 27, 2020 12:23 pm

When people mention sublet websites, there are seemingly many choices in a crowded space. That’s weird, because Harvard Business School professors Peter Coles, Ben Edelman, and Mike Luca found that a strong marketplace network effect should consolidate the ecosystem into a few winners.


Why So Many Sublet Websites In New York City?

Each sublet website actually serves a different occupancy duration niche along the spectrum of sublet rentals. RentHop’s sublet product, for example, primarily serves renters looking to find a subletter for their apartment/room, as these renters are often attempting to get out from under their current lease or fill a room vacancy. As reported by several major outlets last month, RentHop saw record numbers of new sublet listings in May and June 2020, largely due to renters looking to break their current apartment leases.

The key to understanding the sublet market is to break down tenants and landlords into categories by length of stay.


Vacation Stays: Airbnb / VRBO /

The ultra short term housing sites operate more like inns and small hotels. Guests come for a week or two, sometimes only a weekend, and occasionally just one night. Airbnb is by far the largest marketplace by almost any measure, but we should mention’s increasing inventory of short-term housing. aggregates hotel listings and runs a much larger hotel inventory, comparable to Expedia. But they’ve got their eyes on short-term and have heavily recruited hosts to their platform.


Short-Term Housing / Serviced Apartments

There is an industry built around corporate professionals relocating to new cities, and New York City is full of them. Sometimes called corporate housing or serviced apartments, these units are designed for stays of one to three months. They are generally too short to be of interest for brokers, and too long to fall under the hotel and vacation stay category.

Unfortunately, this is one of the most fragmented of all markets. You wouldn’t want to rent one of these sight-unseen, if you can avoid it. That rules out sites that collect payment up front, such as Airbnb. But no one can grind out a living showing 1-month stays all day long; even if there were great deals, who would pay the commission?

To find serviced apartments, you will need to do most of the legwork on your own. To start, try the extended-stay sections of your favorite hotel search sites, and you can find monthly occupancy rates. Still, not many buildings can list themselves on Expedia and Priceline, so you should also scour ads on social media and Craigslist.


Lease Breaking Websites

People still call these sublets when searching on Google, but a lease break can take many forms. If a tenant needs to leave mid-lease, it’s important to loop in the landlord to find out your options. Sometimes, the landlord will want someone to assign the remainder of the lease; other times the new tenant signs an entirely new lease (potentially with a fee to the breaker). The duration of stay tends to be 3 to 9 months in the assignment case.

This is the type of sublet that RentHop’s sublet platform is particularly good at serving. With over 350k unique visitors a month, RentHop’s sublet listings are highly visible and receive vastly more renter interest than smaller listing sites.


Sublets and For Rent By Owner Listings

Sublets are a broad term, but some of the best sublet deals come from For Rent By Owner listings. You can search on RentHop for NYC Sublets of both types – a condo owner with an exclusive for example, or a lease breaker with landlord willing to renew for 12 months.

When searching for sublets, the listings will often be interchangeable with full-fledged landlord listings for vacant apartments, or brokered exclusives looking for 12 month or longer lease. In that case, is there an advantage to having a separate section?




RentHop Sublet Solution: FRBO Postings, Multiple Search Categories

When catering to the For Rent By Owner crowd, our team realized they clearly have different needs than the leasing office of a large building. Safety and verification is much more important for individual owners, as they likely won’t have any online presence or reliable research the poster prior to meeting.

On the outward facing search result for consumers, we do mix the results and provide special filters and tags We tag them with a special “By Owner” tag, so you can filter for them, and we require the full address be shown on the listing. Next time we will discuss the search-engine side features we built to help you find the best sublet, leasebreak, and FRBO deals.

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