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Zachary Ogilvie
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You have to be fearless to work in Manhattan real estate. Meet Zach. His confidence and drive have kept him hustling as a M.INT agent from day one. No matter the challenge, Zach stays focused on enlarging his expertise and giving his clients service they can't get anywhere else. Zach grew up in an entrepreneurial family. Hard work was all around him. Growing up, Zach's father was a highly successful contractor in New York, and Zach became enamored with the goal of combining hard work, passion and a quest for knowledge into the ultimate career path. After receiving his degree in Accounting from Penn State, Zach joined one of the world's largest global financial services companies, working on Wall Street managing blue chip clients. While searching for his own apartment, Zach came to realize that his true passion lay in real estate.With his finance background, Zach treats his clients' searches for new homes as incredibly valuable investments. He understands that, just like the turbulent world of Wall Street, real estate in Manhattan can be fast-paced and unpredictable. Zach has built a reputation for being a steady hand, because he knows the value of his clients' investments. He shines in leadership roles where he can innovate, and never rests-he's always on the hunt for a better prospect, or a better way of working. In his free time, Zach feeds his love of travel, looking for inspiration from different perspectives and lifestyles. He values fitness, football, connecting with natural beauty, and exploring New York as a city unlike any other in the world.
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Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity
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