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Vlad Vladimirov, LIC Expert
Luxury Apartments LIC
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Long Island City, Astoria
English, Bulgarian, Spanish
Vlad Vladimirov has over 7 years of experience in the real estate industry and is bringing his knowledge, expertise, professionalism, and connections to the benefit of his clients.   More importantly, though, he is widely recognized for his easy-going character, no-stress/no-push attitude, and for his inner desire to really help his clients before seeking the monetary rewards. His somewhat unique approach of doing business is a result of his belief that "what comes around, goes around". Vlad knows that finding an apartment is already a daunting task and tries to make the process as easy and pleasant as possible. Vlad has superior knowledge and experience and has mastered all the luxury high-rise buildings in Long Island City (where he specializes) and having him by your side in your apartment search is invaluable. Vlad is a part of a team which has helped over 1100 different type of clients find their home and this has led to countless online reviews and numerous referrals throughout the years. Working with Vlad will get you superior customer service, integrity, loyalty, but most importantly, you will get results stress-free.

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Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity
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