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Rick Farrell
NY Living Solutions
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Financial District, Chelsea, Upper West Side
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Rick Farrell continues to apply the highest of ethical standards to filling his client�s needs. As a New Yorker of 25 years he knows firsthand all the different cultures, cuisines and art centers that is New York. He applies that verve and his Real Estate knowledge to his client�s needs. By listening carefully and coupling that with daily real estate market research and analysis he is able match his clients with the perfect property. Handling both rentals and sales, he makes himself available from morning to night in order to give sound real estate advice to his clients. His hard work and skills at negotiation have made him a necessity here at New York Living Solutions.

     "I just think that the best way to work with people is to put the client first. If you treat people right, everything else falls into place. I want people to know that years down the road they can still call me and I'll be able to get them a new home and tell them what the best moves to make to get it are. Finding a new place should be a happy experience, not a stressful one."

�   Finding a new home is a personal thing. In real estate, when you take care of people first, success will follow. Take genuine interest, put people first, give people a good deal and that's how you do a job well done�


"Rick was super helpful when it came to finding an apartment for us in Manhattan. We were moving from Upstate NY and had never lived here so we weren't familiar with the different areas. He was very knowledgeable and listened to and kept in mind what our pretty-specific requests were when suggesting places. When it came time for lease-signing, we went to bat for us on a few different issues with the management company. He was always very quick with responding to both phone calls and emails. I definitely recommend him for your home-searching needs."

"Rick Farrell New York Living Solutions - Thank you!

It was a pleasure working with Rick on our most recent apartment search. He had a mapped out schedule for the day, was clear on our budget and was able to guide us on better deals etc. We were actually able to find exactly what we were looking for in one day as he really listened to our parameters and showed us units all including what we wanted. Rick was able to ask the right questions on our behalf, ensuring our concerns/questions regarding pets, rent etc were answered. We found a unit on Thursday and lease was signed on Saturday. We had a great experience and recommend working with Rick to anyone in the future."

"If you're looking for a new place to live in New York, you've got to contact Rick Farrell. I was moving to NY for the first time from SF, needed an apartment in less than a week, and already had a few run-ins with other shady brokers.

A lot of brokers say that they're "different" from everyone else and that they don't approve of how others in the business work, but very few actually follow through on that promise when it comes down to the $$. Rick, however, was incredible to work with and genuine about wanting to help me find the best place possible at the best price possible (even if it meant he got a lower broker's fee). He was transparent about everything, even describing many of the suspect broker tactics that I'd already experienced first-hand just a few days earlier.

Do yourself a favor and call Rick, if even just to get his advice about how to not be taken advantage of by other brokers. He'll spell out all the tricks in the book, and explain why you should never agree to things like paying a deposit directly to your broker."

"I discovered Rick Farrell from New York Living Solutions through Craigslist.  Initially, I was skeptical at the service he would offer, preparing myself for the usual sales pitch.  But upon meeting him, I knew the preconceptions built in my mind were wrong.  I welcomed his honesty and very much appreciated his sincerity at helping me locate a place that was both desirable and affordable. My roommates and I were very impressed with his level of service.  He catered to our needs and provided solid advice throughout the entire process.  We would recommend him for future apartment hunters."

"I loved working with Rick Farrell from NYLS. He listened to what I wanted and took me to see a wide variety of places that made me really clarify what was important to me. He was knowledgeable, pointing out a number of ways to look at the places and potential neighbors. He was also a real pleasure to spend time with, which was very important considering the time that it often takes to find the right place.  I ended up taking the very first place that he showed me - one that I never would have looked at on my own but was EXACTLY what I needed."

"Hey Rick,

Thanks again for all your relentless hard work in trying to find the best match for us! You did a great job and really showed us a broad spectrum of cool places and in the future when future Stanford kids come flocking to NY and inquire about potential brokers we'll definitely keep you in mind.
Thanks again!"
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