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Michael Whitfield
Whitfield, Brooke A. Licensed Real Estate Brokers
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I show by appointment only. Most apartments can be viewed, at any resonable time. I have the keys.  If at first,  you do not see exactly what you want...."Forget about it,  No worries" I will drive you and we will view apartments, until you see exactly what you are looking for. I have the inventory. Just bring a tape measure!

Michael Mykey Whitfield

Michael Whitfield is one of New York's, most pristine Real Estate Agents, specializing in the Manhattan and Bronx market place. He is an agent for the, Whitfield, Brooke Agency. - Licensed Real Estate brokerage firm.
Michael Whitfield  is the son of architect, James E. Whitfield. James E. Whitfield was renown, as VP, of the architectural firm, Montgomery & Winecoff , which was located in the Historical, Flat Iron Building, in New York. He gained notoriety as, Project architect and designer of, Yeshiva University School of Medicine and created the Prototype design, used for fast food restaurants, most notably, the Burger King outlets, fast food building structures.
Take intellectual notice and I will say this with dynamism: It is easy to get an apartment in New York; if you don't mind, getting an overpriced property or renting a shoe box, or performing  the infelicitous process of doing multiple applications and settling a month from now!
Take even further notice; that is not the way we work!
As you well know, time is of the essence, when you are tussling, to get a feted apartment, in New York's competitive, Real Estate Market.  We make the process, of shopping for an apartment fun and easy; but more importantly we beat the crowd.
There are more than a half a million people looking for that one of a kind apartment, in New York yearly. Yearly, there are only 10%, of that many apartments available. You definitely need a Broker that, will, jet stream the process for you. That is who we are! That is what we do!  That is what I do! Please, call Whitfield, Brooke & Assoc. today, if you want real results. We provide door to door Service, as well as, evening viewings.  You would be pleased to know, that we never charge, an upfront fee, to get started or to view apartments. Once you have signed up with us, you will be furnished with our updated list of, new to the market Real Estate daily. Remember, the best apartment last only, 48 hours on the market. Not only, will I show you, the best selection of apartments; I will show you apartments, fraught, with, all the bells and whistles and serendipitous amenities; which you truly longed for. If you are here; call me right now! If you are on your way here; call me right now! Thank you and you have a blessed day.
Michael Mykey Whitfield

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