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There was always this one house on the road to his family's summer getaway that Kevin would have a profound interest for as a little boy. The finishes of the home, the lush green fields, and size always got his attention every summer. Not knowing why he was always fascinated by houses Kevin ignored his infatuation and continued wondering what he was meant to do. After high school, he ventured into the hospitality industry catering to all types of patrons. Humble by nature Kevin has always sought out ways to better himself and learn from as many people he possibly can. Discovering his natural passion for serving others drove him to want more out of a profession.  

         Down the road of this journey, Kevin had a flashback of the house that he would pass on his family road trips through Jerseys summer lush green landscapes! Then it hit him like a ball falling out of the sky! I'm going to be a real estate agent! Walking around the city and visiting as many buildings he possibly can is one of the best parts of the job. "Doing things in excellence' is his motto. Every part of the job must be done to the best of his ability or it's not worth doing. "What's the point in providing a service to "people" if you are not going to go above and beyond making sure they are properly taking care of?" Is one of Kevin's core philosophies as a tenant's agent in Manhattan New York. Focusing most on the Financial District Kevin loves the professional drive and bustling energy of wall street. Kevin serves the rental community with incomparable market knowledge and approaches every case he takes on with integrity, passion, and a strategic mindset to overcome any situation.
Outside of his career, Kevin is a loving husband and proud father of two. He is an avid dog behaviorist and offers services in dog rehabilitation free to his real estate clientele. He has profound knowledge of martial arts and believes strongly in self-discipline. He thanks God for blessing him with his license. He is blessed with the smiles and referrals he gets and believes with his license he can be a blessing to others. Truly his service is unique, and client-focused at all times. He hopes to build relationships and lifelong connections with those that he is fortunate to work with.
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Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity
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