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Hoon (Jason) Lee has lived an exciting life in various places around the world, including South Korea, Poland, New York and California - where he spent most of his formative years. He always knew he'd be back to the city that never sleeps. In Summer 2016 he traveled across the country to make New York City his permanent home! To Jason a home offers comfort and somewhere to relax and unwind after a long, stressful day. Finding the right one is a big decision, and Jason's mission is to make the process an easy one for his clients.

Experiencing the apartment search firsthand was how Jason uncovered his passion for locating beautiful homes for his sales and rental clients. Desperate to find the perfect home for himself while studying dramatic writing at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts, Jason wanted an expert to guide him. He quickly discovered that honesty and helpful agents are hard to come by! So although he loves writing, Jason realized his true calling is to offer apartment seekers the pleasant and seamless experience he also craved.

While growing up in Flushing for six years, Jason remembers watching his mother spend sleepless nights at the dinner table studying for her nursing exam - in a language she was just beginning to learn how to speak. She worked full time to support him, his twin and older sister while their father worked in South Korea on a business venture. With three kids crammed into a small one-bedroom apartment, Jason learned to appreciate the hard work and dedication required for achieving your dreams. It is the hustler's mentality that brought him back to the big apple and ultimately into real estate.

Jason is a self-starter just like his parents and he sees each obstacle as a lesson. His deep-rooted knowledge of accountability complements his natural urge to do things his way, requiring him to tap into his creativity and problem-solving skills. He enjoys being in a city where everyone you meet is working toward something big. A born-and-bred hustler, Jason will stop at nothing to achieve and exceed his clients' real estate needs.
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