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I am a born and raised New Yorker that has had an eclectic career & varying experiences in the private & public sectors. During those times, I have gained skills like being highly organized, a great communicator, and a problem solver, just to name a few things. I have already achieved being a multi-fam property owner, and a property manager. I'm continuing to grow, and concur the NYC real estate market. Why I got into real estate is that this industry can have one of the greatest effects on people's life, it can go bad fast, but with the right agent it can also be the greatest and easiest experience. I understand the value of having a place where things can slow down, and you can just relax & recharge. I would like to help you find more than a place to lay your head, even if it's a temporary place, it should still feel like home, when you walk through the front door. Finding a place can be hard regardless if you need a place for 6 months, 1 year, or somewhere you might just end spending your whole life in. You may not always find everything you want or need, but it's my job and my mission is to do everything I can to get you as close to your dream place as possible.
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Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity
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