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Avi Miller learned from a very young age that succeeding in life requires a lot of hard work and perseverance. As a kid, he spent a lot of time learning how to cook, clean and earn an honest dollar to help take care of his family. Avi taps into his innate business and self-starter mindset to stop at nothing to deliver the best service for all his clients looking to buy, sell or rent a home in New York City. Avi also pulls from his real estate experience to quickly identify each client's dream home based on their needs and goals, while also guiding them through overall expectations to ensure a smooth transaction process.

When you work with Avi, you get a professional agent with market knowledge, great understanding and excellent communication skills. These rare qualities stem from his past experiences. Prior to real estate, Avi worked as an emergency medical technician, requiring him to respond quickly to people at a time of deep need with professionalism, optimism and respect. After that, he joined Flatbush Watch Safety Patrol as a member for three months and then got promoted to field and political coordinator - where he would handle emergencies involving the youth and reaching out to politicians for help in improving youth services in the community.

This leads into one of Avi's favorite things to do outside of real estate - being an active member of the community. With a passion for taking care of individuals and keeping them safe, Avi started volunteering with the NYPD Auxiliary Unit, which requires completion of a rigorous 18-week training course. He's been involved for almost four years, making a huge difference in the community by being a positive influence on others and deterring neighborhood crime.

Avi was born and raised in Brooklyn and is the youngest member of a large family - he has two sisters and two brothers. When he was younger, Avi loved riding bikes, playing basketball and watching cartoons on a rainy day. Nowadays, he spends his free time volunteering for different organizations as well as offering help to anyone in need!

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