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Amy Le Blanc
Bohemia Realty Group
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Amy's love affair with Hamilton Heights began 4 years ago after she ditched Bushwick as fast as she could. She fell in love with the apartment, but stayed for the relaxed vibe and cute bars and coffee shops that have popped up. New York City is very, very different from her hometown of middle-of-nowhere Massachusetts and she adores the community feel of her neighborhood. Being the nerd that she is, Amy loves to take a book and a mug of tea to Riverside park and read in the sunshine.

Prior to settling up-uptown, Amy moved around NYC a fair bit. She learned a lot throughout all that moving and has finally decided to put that experience to good use. She wants to be the helpful, knowledgeable agent she wishes she had when she was first looking for an apartment.

And, if you give her the chance, Amy will happily discuss breakfast and brunch spots -- both near and far -- until she is blue in the face.
Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity
Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity
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