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Abraham Zaydan
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Abe's introduction to real estate came at a young age through his father's business, which both managed and developed real estate. Raised with the same entrepreneurial outlook, Abe started and operated multiple trade and e-commerce businesses prior to pursuing his career in real estate.

His experience managing and developing properties, as well as his entrepreneurial spirit have carried through into every facet of his life, providing him with an array of personal tools which every agent should aspire to achieve. Abe's focus on providing consumers with friendly, expert advice, backed by data and a personal touch, convey a level of professionalism and class that is unrivaled in the industry. From the moment he greets his clients until they are fully provided for, Abe will be there to assist in any way possible, he is the proverbial first man in last man out. To Abe, every client is more than just a consumer, they are a friend investing in his expertise and sharing their time with him; he does not take that for granted and strives to better himself with every bond he makes with his clients.

Whether you are looking for your next home or investment property, Abe and his team can assist.
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Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity
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