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Born in Guyana but raised in Queens since 1996, Onaka Fiedtkou has always been fascinated by New York's amazing array of architecture ever since she moved to the city. Her real estate calling kicked in while exploring everything the Big Apple has to offer. She became enchanted by the interior spaces within buildings and decided to delve into her captivation further within the luxury real estate field. A natural-born lover of learning, Onaka stops at nothing to provide solutions to her clients' real estate troubles.

Initially going to college to become a theater director in New Britain, Conn., her attachment to the big city found herself eventually attending the City College of New York instead - where she graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in film and video as well as a minor in journalism. It was there where she developed her uppermost writing skills and passion for creating experimental form videos. Coming from a creative and solution-oriented background, Onaka was able to really craft her talents to become the top real estate agent she is today.

Combining her international roots and interest in worldwide travel, she chose MEIER Real Estate as her top destination spot. Having visited exotic places such as Montserrat, Turks & Caicos and Thailand, Onaka offers a unique, worldly perspective on all things real estate. Seeing firsthand the diverse cultural and historical architecture across the globe, she displays an openness and sensitivity of diversity in America's biggest melting pot city.

Leading a plant- and natural product-based lifestyle, Onaka's holistic approach allows her to see the big picture when working with clients. Known as DJ OA in her free time, she's developed a love for all types of music, using an open format when DJing. She also loves to paint and add to her collection of unique crystals and stones. Staying active by going hiking and practicing yoga, Onaka arrives to work every day with a clear and fresh mindset. She hopes to one day write a series of books and travel to places such as Kenya, Egypt, and Peru and adopt at least three dogs while residing in Brooklyn.
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