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Some things are inevitable. As a New York native who moved with his mom to Georgia during his childhood, MyspaceNYC Licensed Real Estate Salesperson Alberto Vigilance watched her study to earn her real estate license. He read through her books, took the practice quizzes-and aced them. Later, back in New York, Vigilance earned his own license to practice real estate when he turned 18.

Appreciative of the constant and consistent pace of the NYC real estate market, Vigilance truly is a people person, and his clients pick up on that. In one online review, a client complimented him on his attention to detail, his thoroughness in helping her from the first meeting through the lease signing, and his tireless efforts. Vigilance explained his motivation: "My mom taught me valuable lessons throughout life, but this may have been the most important one, at least in business. She said, 'Son, the money will come, the real success lies in putting someone in a place they can call home.'"

"Someone once asked me what made me different from the 24,000 other agents in New York. I told him that I was the only one with the name 'Vigilance!'" If you want to make certain you have an agent who is attentive and thorough-one with vigilance, contact Alberto today!
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