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Alba Valencia
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English and Spanish
Alba Valencia has spent 18+ in real estate, as a property manager, an associate real estate
broker and a broker of record. In 1998, Alba began her career in Manhattan managing and
overseeing the daily operations of a private owner's 16 buildings throughout the city. From
2009 on, she was an independent Licensed Real Estate Broker for Lane Exclusives Realty
handling sales, rentals and relocation.
Alba has extensive experience with a diverse clientele, helping them achieve their
expectancies in finding their home as renters and owners, as well as people moving to New
York from many different countries and states. This has made her an excellent listener, and
enabled her to understand and identify the personal needs of every client.
She specializes in rentals, relocation, and short-term rentals for those coming to NYC to
study, temporarily work, or seeking in-between housing, primarily in Midtown, Downtown
Manhattan and Long Island City, Queens; though Alba will work wherever her clients' take
her. Outside of New York, she has handled many international transactions, selling
properties in Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Guatemala, and supervising developments that
include a bed and breakfast in San Jose and hotel in Granada.
Born and raised in San Jose, Costa Rica, Alba graduated from Universidad de Costa Rica
(UCR) in San Jose with a Business Administration Bachelor's Degree. She initially worked
with the Costa Rican Investment Board, where she helped investors to establish business
operations in Costa Rica, with Intel, Abbott and other big names among them.
Alba is hardworking, honest, and provides a great service to the public. She has perfected
her interpersonal and organizational skills, and proven herself to be very composed and
professional in fast-paced, high-volume environments. Fluent in English and Spanish, Alba
lives in the city and owns rental houses in Daytona Beach, FL and Costa Rica. Her favorite hobbies are dancing and listening to good music.
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