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How Do I Deal With Bad Neighbors?

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Dealing with Terrible Neighbors

Even with all the tips we’ve given you on how to find your dream apartment, it’s difficult to screen ahead of time for problematic neighbors. We’re hoping that you won’t have to deal with difficult neighbors, but on the off-chance that something happens, here are some coping strategies:

  • First things first – make nice! If your neighbor seems friendly enough, take some time to have a polite conversation with them about what’s been bothering you. Perhaps your neighbor wasn’t aware of how loud they sing in the shower or how their lifestyle was impacting others. If the neighbor retaliates by mentioning one of your own bad habits, don’t argue but instead come up with a compromise so you can both benefit from the situation!
  • If that doesn’t work, read over your lease again! Check to see if there are any policies concerning the particular offenses (noise, odor, trash, etc.) If there are, your case just got a lot stronger.
  • Next, talk to your other neighbors and see if they share the same concerns. Having another party will help justify your issues and perhaps they will even give you some suggestions for solving the problem.
  • Finally, speak to your landlord or management company about the issue. Make sure to show your landlord that you’ve attempted to solve this problem peacefully on your own. If the issue is extreme or threatening to the property, the landlord is likely to take action and will be glad that you’ve reported the situation.
  • Try to document as much of your communication with your problematic neighbor as possible. Keep copies of emails, voicemails, and other written exchanges between the two of you.
  • Hear a violent fight or see something threatening to others or yourself? Call the police department immediately. You may save someone or yourself!
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