What transportation options do I have to get to an airport?

From Manhattan to the Airport

If you’re new to New York there’s a lot of things to get acquainted with. The different modes of public transportation are one of them. That also applies to the different ways of getting to one of the city’s airports. With a population of over 8 million people, when you’re heading to the airport with your luggage, have a plan ready for your airport route. Here are the options we find the most reliable, affordable, and bearable.

Different Transport Options

There are several options of getting to the city’s airports. Bottom line, it all comes down to your preferred method of travel, where you’re travelling from, and your budget. Here’s a short introduction to some of the options you can choose from:

  • One of the options is The Long Island Rail Road, also known as the LIRR. The Long Island Rail Road is used by over 300,000 customers every weekday and is a popular choice in regards to transportation. You can take the LIRR from Penn Station or Atlantic Avenue, but only to JFK and LaGuardia. Keep in mind, while you might find it to be the preferred option, so do a lot of people. Also, the LIRR doesn’t announce which platform each track is on until 10-15 minutes before boarding.
  • Unfortunately for travelers going to Newark Airport the LIRR is not an option. Travelers to Newark do however have a fairly similar option, the NJ Transit. The NJ Transit is New Jersey’s public transportation corporation and its service includes buses, trains, and light rail vehicles. Each year the NJ Transit conducts 223 million passenger trips.
  • If you’re more of a bus person, fret not. No matter which of the three airports you’re heading to, you can take an Airport Express bus. It’s a popular option due to eligibility and price, meaning it can also be a crowded option. Note that the travel time given below for the trips to the different airports is only estimated. Always take into consideration rush hour, holidays, etc.
  • Another option is the New York subway. New York has a subway system that stretches all over the city, serving all the five boroughs. The majority of the city’s residents prefer using the subway for their everyday use. According to MTA’s numbers, in 2015, the average weekday subway ridership was 5.7 million. For travelers heading to JFK or LaGuardia, the subway is another option to consider.
  • Last by not least there is the option of heading to the airport by car. In New York you can either take a cab or get a ride by using the popular online transportation companies Uber or Lyft. Uber or Lyft allows you to request a ride through their mobile app, making requesting a ride fairly simple affair. This might be the more costly option compared to the others, but it also might be the simplest for the ones bringing a substantial amount of luggage.

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