Upgrade Your Home IKEA Collection?

How to find affordable furniture in NYC and respect your floor plan

Is your home starting to look like an extension of the proverbial dorm room or a hoarder’s den with torn upholstery? While not everyone wants to shell out big bucks for a professional interior designer, there are some great ways to invest in giving your home the revamp it needs. After all, this is your space of refuge, recharge, and romance. 

Space, the age-old New York problem. Yes, it’s no secret that many New York apartments are the size of a walk-in closet in New Jersey. The keys to designing small spaces are: 

  • Multi-functional spaces
  • Minimalism
  • Light colors
  • Mirrors
  • Vertical storage
  • Minimized unused space

If your living room needs revamping, then you must visit Interior Define. Here you can find semi-customized sofa/sectional options to fit any floor plan. Boconcept is another fantastic place to consider shopping for storage/sofas. After all, with so many working remotely, many of us must make the space for a home office.

Invest in Good Lighting

Consider using wall scones or ceiling lamps to leave floor/furniture space clutter-free. Some wall mounts even swivel and can give you extra flexibility when you work, read or play. Just imagine working with that perfect daylight simulation that helps you concentrate. Lack of proper lighting can even make or break your focus when reading a great book. Imagine all the great classics that never make it off the end table due to poor lighting! Similarly, ambient lighting can contribute to a romantic atmosphere and the perfect evening (just saying). Also, check out Industry West for additional lighting, chair, and table options.

Keep your furniture elevated

Sit Down New York in Union Square is a fantastic place for great interior design ideas, including accent furniture and lighting. These urban/industrial designs fit in perfectly in any chic New York City apartment. Other places you may consider are France & Son and ABC outlet.

Carpets for NYC Apartments

Are you stuck with an old carpet that your landlord refuses to change? Consider placing an attractive rug or a light-colored rug in small spaces. Other great ideas include organically shaped rugs or animal skins.

Zoning (not just for avoiding parking tickets)

If your kingdom features a small, open floor plan (a.k.a. studio), you may consider separating your spaces with furniture. Famous examples of room dividers include the back of a sofa (or a bookcase). Some may go as far as installing a pressurized or partial wall and adding bookshelves for additional separation.

Clear furniture 

You may opt for clear furniture or furniture with a small base to maximize space—modern plastic or acrylic furniture offerings range from chintzy, postmodern, to stylish. Check out the ABC Home furniture offerings. You can even give your apartment some flair and explore colored transparent options.

Local NYC Artwork

Even though I was always a huge proponent of minimalistic approaches in small spaces, sometimes one needs art to spice up life. Check out the Affordable Art Fair NYC, which takes place in the spring and autumn. The typical cost range is $100 to $10,000. Suppose you can’t wait; head over to Art Addiction or check out their online store and find your creative flair. Another great option is finding college art student shows, supporting education, and facilitating the artist/buyer relationship.

If you absolutely must have something original, check out Society6 and Artsy. For the particularly fussy individuals who cannot commit to anything in their lives (and I do mean art and not relationships), Curina has a unique rent-to-own program of works from emerging artists. What could be easier? If you get tired of the artwork, you can always swap it for another one and continue your payments. Imagine if only all relationships were this easy!

Vertical growth-floating shelves

Take your cue from NYC’s city construction. In NYC, everyone lives mid-air. So we can look to the gorgeous skyscraper architecture for inspiration when designing the interiors of our flats. Consider shelves, wall-mounted shelves (if you own your apartment and are not scared of making holes), and vertical storage. The cat owners will be particularly thrilled as elevated pathways around the home provide endless hours of entertainment for their active felines. Imagine your purrers climbing the replica of an NYC skyline on your wall.

Vintage NYC

Another way to curb your budget is to buy vintage pieces. Furnish Green has a fantastic showroom of offerings. So as you grab your latte and peruse the unique offerings, you might take home a surprisingly stylish and contemporary setup.

If you are patient and internet shopping is more your game, grab a wine and settle down on a Sunday evening. Craigslist offers a surprising amount of furnishings sold by owners looking to upgrade. While it may take some time for your quest to yield results, search by specific furniture brand names and bookmark the sellers you like. The key to success is patience and persistence. All good things take time. 

Other places you may explore for vintage offerings are Brooklyn Junk, White on White, Housing Works, Adaptations, Porter James, and the Dobbin Street Vintage Co-op.

What about linen?

Head over to H & M Home for budget-friendly, quality bedding, pillows, decorations, and accessories. After all, everyone needs exquisite sheets to invite some romance into their bedroom (“If you build it, they will come” philosophy).

Online interior design

Consider an interior designer if you are looking to get inspired, don’t have the time, or simply feel you want something different. Online design services can cost as little as $14. Consider Spoak, Havenly, or Modsy for your interior-design needs. Sometimes we need support to gain courage and extra motivation to create an adult-friendly environment.

Are you inspired yet? Whether you prefer to shop from home, scour the city for deals, unleash your inner artist, or simply hire an interior designer, we have endless options. The world is your oyster. But, of course, if all else fails, you can always visit your neighborhood IKEA.

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