The Best Uses For a Spare Bedroom or Spare Space in Your Apartment


While many people aren’t in the lucky position of having a spare bedroom or a ton of extra space in their apartment, some are. If you happen to find yourself in that fortunate position, you might be left thinking of what to do with that extra room or space. There are so many options, it is akin to a blank canvas and you are the artist with a paintbrush.

While you could just use it as a spare bedroom, that might not provide you much value if you live on your own. Instead, you can easily transform that empty space or room into a place you will actually use and will bring you happiness. Need some inspiration? If so, you’re in the right place. Here are a few different possible uses for that spare bedroom or spare space in your apartment.

1. Home office

When people study, do work, or do research at home, they rarely have a space dedicated to just doing work and nothing else. Well, if you have a spare bedroom or spare corner in your apartment, it can be a great place for a little office! Not only will it help you get things done, it can also keep you away from the various distractions such as the TV. All you really need is a desk, an office chair, and some shelves/bookcases for keeping documents or paper sorted. Also, if you work from home from time to time or are self-employed, you can actually get a tax deduction for this home office.

2. Extra storage

This one isn’t very creative, but can be one of the most helpful on this entire list. With how small some apartments can be (and with how much stuff most people have) any spare or extra storage is a godsend. If you find yourself cramped for space or need a place for your bicycle or anything else large, a spare bedroom is a great place to store it for a while. This can also be a good “placeholder” option while you choose what you want to do with the extra space or room.

3. Home gym

Getting to the gym is one of those things that everyone wishes they could do, but some people simply don’t have the time for (or so they claim, we don’t judge). However, if you have a home gym there is zero commute and thus, time cannot be an excuse anymore, just laziness. While a home gym can cost you a bit in start-up (buying weights or machines and such), it will save you money over time as you won’t need to pay for a membership that you hardly ever use and just sits in your wallet, taunting you. In addition to saving you some time and money, these home gyms can also be great for people who feel self-conscious working out in public, which is fairly common for some individuals.

4. Rent it out

If you are strapped for cash or want to make a little extra, this is a great option for you. If your landlord and lease allow it, you can decide to rent out the spare bedroom. Depending on the market in your city, there is a good chance you can fetch a few hundred dollars or more per month, which could definitely provide a nice bump to your savings account. Fair warning, however, living with a roommate is different than living by yourself, so make sure it is really what you want before you go ahead and rent out your spare room. Also, make sure to meet your possible roomie a couple of times and screen them to ensure they would make a good roommate and would respect your space, furniture, and so on.  

5. A room for your hobby

A spare room is a great excuse to take your favorite hobby to the next level. Whether you love to read, love to paint beautiful art, or love to meditate/do yoga, this spare bedroom or space can be put to use. The things you fill the room with will depend on your hobby. If you love to read books, a big comfy chair and a bookshelf full of your favorites will be perfect. If you love to paint, a spare bedroom is great for setting up an easel and keeping all your art supplies.

6. Home theater

While home theaters are often reserved for the rich and famous, not anymore. While you won’t be able to seat a ton of people, a spare bedroom makes a great place for a home theater. All you really need to get started is a decent sized TV, and some comfy places to sit. Over time you can even add things like a popcorn maker or surround sound to really enhance the experience. Plus, this idea keeps your living room as a quaint place to entertain guests in a serene setting, without things like TVs and various electronics taking up space and attention.

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