5 Small Outdoor Space Decoration Ideas

Living in the city usually means you won’t have access to a huge patio, a yard, or a balcony. Consider yourself lucky if you are one of the few with access to a private outdoor patio or balcony space. You now have extra space to decorate exactly how you would like, even if that space is considered small. Using certain furniture pieces and having an eye for detail will turn your outdoor space into a place to hang out with your friends or to relax after a long day. Of course, whatever you put out onto the balcony will be exposed to Mother Nature’s elements. It’s therefore important to consider the materials you buy or ensure the items outdoors can be covered or tied down during bad weather days. Just be sure to check with the landlord to see if there are rules on revamping your balcony space. Once you have the green light, start decorating with some of our ideas.

Decoration Ideas for a Small Private Outdoor Space

1.) Adding Furniture

You would need some seats to have a space where you can sit and relax. Consider a bistro set that looks both classy and doesn’t take up too much space. Plus, bistro sets usually come with a table so you can enjoy your morning coffee outside. Living alone? Swing in this perfect one-person comfy chair in the evenings while enjoying a good book. Or how about a cute but modern loveseat for you, your cat/dog, or a friend? Just add a little table so the balcony can be used for lounging and dining.

2.) A Privacy Wall

You’ll probably want some privacy if your balcony is just iron bars. Wrap a privacy screen cover around the balcony railings. Different colors are available to fit the vibe of the space. If you’re going for more of a lush, green area, add some artificial plant boxwood panels so that no one can see through the balcony railings. Enjoy wearing nothing but your underwear while enjoying a great view of the city.

You could also set up curtains/anti-mosquito nets so that there is an extra layer of privacy plus protection from the mosquitoes in late summer/early fall mosquitoes. If the landlord prohibits any privacy covers on the balcony, bring out the tall shelves and tall plants. Placing taller plants or plants with big leaves around the corners of the balcony will shield the nosy eyes. If you think real plants attract bugs, opt for fake foliage to cover up and liven the balcony simultaneously.

3.) Plants Everywhere

Speaking of plants, there aren’t many chances to escape to nature while living in NYC. Sure, you can visit Central and Prospect Park or go upstate for a weekend. But what about nature being in your everyday life? Let your private outdoor space be that escape. Adding plants can really spice up any area and add a touch of liveliness to an otherwise man-made city.

If there is wall space, consider installing shelves with a drainage system to plant your favorite flowers or smaller plants. Bring in a rack where plants can be hung and placed on the extra shelves, adding a modern and industrial look to your balcony. You could even store extra tools/miscellaneous items on these shelves as well. Fill the rest of the patio space with plants you love. Having an impressive Birds of Paradise, a cute ZZ Plant, or a lovely Snake Plant can help brighten the space and freshen up the air around you. Remember to look for pet-safe plants if you’re the owner of a fur baby.

If you’re up for a challenge, instead of just displaying pretty plants to look at, you could try your green thumb and plant small veggies or fruits. Forget Whole Foods when you can harvest your own cherry tomatoes and basil. 

4.) Fantastic Floors

Have the rest of your space decked out but tired of looking at the bare floor? There are some great, easy solutions to the problem! Placing a rug down would be the easiest way to solve this, but what if you have slits or holes big enough for the rug to slip through, or if there’s an unexpected storm before you pull the rug in? Thankfully, a lot of home improvement stores sell interlocking floor panels. These are perfect if you’re looking for something that won’t be permanent, especially if you later move to a different place. There are nice-looking foam tiles that can also be used. Stick-on tiles can also work, but check to make sure if the stick-on will leave a lot of residue, as some of them are also extremely hard to remove. Vinyl mats are versatile and now come in many different designs. 

5.) Lights

What’s a balcony without lighting? Lighting is a great way to use your balcony seamlessly from day to night. Lighting up your balcony space can create a whole different ambiance as well as provide basic brightness. If you want something classy and a little bit retro, consider getting string lights with big bulbs. For a more low-key and eco-friendly illumination, buy these LED solar lights that only take 4-5 hours to fully charge in the sunlight. If there are no plugs on your balcony or nearby in the house, opt for battery-operated lights. If there is another balcony above you that acts as the “ceiling” for yours, hang up some paper lanterns to create a laid-back atmosphere. You can even go simple and just have a lamp for when it gets dark. For those who like colors, consider buying adhesive LED strip lights and sticking them under the balcony furniture or around the walls for fun moods. 

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