RentHop’s Apartment Wishlist: 7 Perfect Yellow Additions


Every week there are certain things we would love to have in our apartments. Something might be way out of our price range, but one can dream, right? If we can’t purchase it, we can still get inspired by it. And then there are things we totally can afford, and we love it.

For those who want to spruce up their apartments with just a hint of color, but you’re not sure which color to choose from, we suggest picking yellow. Yes, it’s a bit out there and a lot of color in your face, but we find that yellow is highly underrated as a color. Just check out these seven perfect, yellow additions, and you’ll see why.

1. Skyline Furniture Made to Order Modern Chair in Twill Bright Yellow – OVERSTOCK.COM
A simple and classic chair is always a great addition to any apartment. You really can’t go wrong! We like this one, as it both looks great and it looks comfy. Price tag: $371

2. Andy Warhol Poster Banana Velvet Underground – ETSY.COM
You just need this. That’s that. Price tag: $6

3. & Tradition Flowerpot Pendant VP1 Yellow – HOUSEOLOGY.COM
We love this pendant lamp. It is an old classic but by changing the color from the standard color choices (white, black, gray, etc.) and picking a yellow version makes this a different and bolder choice. Price Tag: $230

4. Surya Cotton Velvet Bright Yellow Throw Pillow – ZINCDOOR.COM
One of the best and safest purchases for the apartment might be pillows. A simple pillow, in either a neutral color or in a vibrant display. We pick this yellow pillow. It is low in price, and you can put it in any room! Well, maybe not the bathroom. Price tag: $34

5. Cyan Design Small Mellow Yellow Vase Mellow Yellow 12.5 Inch Tall – BUILD.COM
Small items have a tendency to stick out as well if they’re a particular color or a different design. While this is a rather average looking vase, the colors make it more vibrant, and therefore you have another item in your house that draws the attention of your visitors. Price tag: $103

6. New Yellow Over-Dyed Moroccan Hand-Knotted Rug – CHAIRISH.COM
A great rug can go a long way when it comes to spruce up your apartment. Just like a couch or any other big statement piece, a vibrant looking rug is one of the things people tend to notice when they walk into an apartment. Price tag: $1,975

7. Grace Sofa Reviews – ALLMODERN.COM
Most people tend to go for a neutral color when it comes to their couch. We get it. It’s easier to clean off any stains or mess, and if there’s a stain that you can’t get out, it’s less likely anyone notice. Another reason for having a big statement piece like the couch be a natural color is that you can then play around with interesting and different smaller items for your place. But we say go for the big, colorful statement piece. Like this couch. Price tag: $1,485

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