Is the high rent in a trendy NYC neighborhood worth it?

New York City is somewhere that millions of people dream about moving to. Whether you are a fan of sports, culture, music, entertainment, food, or anything else under the sun, New York City has something for you.

While the city is great and there are many things to do, there is one caveat. That caveat is that it is generally quite expensive to live there. Let’s just say the average rent of living is rather high. While some neighborhoods are more affordable than others and seem like a better financial choice, many people flock to the trendy ones that cost a pretty penny.

However, does that high rent mean you shouldn’t live there? While that is a completely subjective question, we are going to take a closer look at a few pros and cons of living in a trendy and expensive area of NYC compared to an area that is cheaper, to help make your choice a little easier.

Pros of Living in a Trendy NYC Neighborhood

1. There will always be something to do
While this could be said about the whole city, there is always something to do in trendy neighborhoods. This can be anything from checking out a show, seeing a film, visiting a museum, or simply taking a walk and see all the interesting characters that call that neighborhood home. In addition to the actual places you can go and things you can see, there are often many different events being put on in trendy neighborhoods that you can check out and be a part of. If you like to be involved and always on the go, living in a trendy neighborhood in NYC is a great way to accomplish that.

2. It is very convenient

If you live in a small town, or even on the outskirts of NYC or in the suburbs, it can be a bit of a hassle to get the things you want. However, that is not the case in New York City. You are likely no more than a few blocks from a grocery store, a Laundromat, a gym, or any other place that you might need to go on a regular basis. Also, in a city like New York (especially in trendy neighborhoods), there are many services available that can often deliver food or other goods right to your front door for only a few dollars.

3. The food and nightlife is top notch

NYC is a melting pot of different cultures, so they feature all different kinds of restaurants and cuisines from all over the planet. No matter what your tastes are, you will be able to satisfy them with ease.

In addition to the great food, the nightlife is also world class. The bars, nightclubs, restaurants, and pubs are plentiful and every night of the week you will be able to find something worth checking out or doing. Also, there is a good chance that there will be many bars and clubs located in or near your trendy neighborhood, so getting to and from them is very easy and quick.

Cons of Living in a Trendy NYC Neighborhood

1. The high cost

Of course, the biggest con about living in a trendy neighborhood is the high cost of rent. Paying thousands and thousands of dollars a month is not uncommon and unless you make a lot of money or have a lot of savings, it can be tough to afford to live in a trendy neighborhood. The reason the cost is so high has to do with the large amount of demand in the area. The more people that want to live in a desirable area, the higher the rent.

2. Easy to feel burnt out

While the intense amount of things going on in New York City are exciting, they can also be overwhelming. If you want a relaxed and slow life from time to time, a trendy neighborhood might not be right for you. It is tough to get peace and quiet with so many people all over the place and constant traffic all day and night. Taking vacations out of the city and neighborhood can definitely help, so be sure to plan for some of those or else you risk getting burnt out too frequently.

3. Getting around can be a hassle

While everything you need is close to you, if you want to get across the city or go out of the city, it can be a big time hassle. This is especially true if you live in one of the trendy areas in the heart of New York, as getting anywhere will take that much longer. Also, depending on how far you work from your home, the commute time can be a real drag.
In conclusion, while the rent is often sky high, there are many great things about living in a trendy New York City neighborhood. The choice is ultimately yours, but we hope this helpful guide has assisted you in deciding whether the move to a trendy neighborhood is worth the money or if you are better off looking elsewhere for a better deal.

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