How to Feng Shui Your Bathroom


Now that we have looked at how to Feng Shui a bedroom, let’s look at considerations to take when creating our bathroom. When it comes to designing our bathrooms, sometimes we don’t put as much effort into it as we should. When you think about it, we actually spend quite a bit of time in there and as a result, we should put some time into making sure we decorate it the right way. If you want to have your bathroom be as relaxing as possible, try adhering to the guidelines of Feng Shui, the Chinese system for harmonizing everything with its environment. Here are 7 helpful tips for ensuring your bathroom’s Feng Shui is as good as possible.

1. Keep It Fresh

Freshness is key when it comes to the bathroom, for obvious reasons. If your bathroom is full of dirty towels and a dirty environment, it will go a long way in destroying the Feng Shui of the room. This also goes for the air in the room, so keeping a window open or a fan on can help out in a major way in the battle to keep your bathroom as fresh and as clean as possible.

2. Balance The Elements

In Feng Shui, balance is the name of the game. We want to make sure that the five elements (water, earth, metal, wood, and fire) are all represented in each room. You don’t want one element dominating any others, especially in a room that is as small as a bathroom. There are a lot of things in play that can help you balance the elements such as what colors you chose for the wall, the artwork, the decor and more.

3. Include Plants

Purification and renewal are two of the major themes that come into play in your bathroom. What better way to reflect those two themes than to include some gorgeous live plants in your bathroom. These plants will not only purify the air and help keep your bathroom fresh, but they also look wonderful in the process. Like the bedroom, there are many who think plants in the bathroom are bad Feng Shui. However, as long as they fit with the decor and are not too plentiful, they can provide a boost to the positive energy of your bathroom. While you don’t want the bathroom to be stuffed full of plants, a strategically placed plant or two can make a wonderful addition to any bathroom.

4. Have a Mirror, And Place it Strategically

In a bathroom, having a mirror is almost as important as having a toilet and a sink. Many of us get ready in the bathroom, which makes a mirror necessary. While most people have a mirror over top of the sink, another smart place to have a mirror is on the bathroom door to speed up and reflect energy. The reason this is a good idea when it comes to Feng Shui is because it makes the bathroom “disappear” which means the chi from the room is bounced into other rooms throughout the home. Mirrors have also been believed to deflect bad energy, which is always a welcomed addition. However, you should make sure that a large mirror isn’t reflecting a toilet seat, as that is seen as a negative according to the system of Feng Shui.

5. Make It An Ambient and Relaxing Setting

While a bathroom normally only serves us a purpose for a few minutes at a time, there is no reason it can’t be a relaxing setting for us to be. There are a million and a half ways to create ambiance in the bathroom such as what colors you choose, the sources and variety of light, the sounds of the room, and more. Taking a bath in your bathroom should be a relaxing and calming time, not a boring soak in a boring room. Having things like candles, soothing music and essential oils can ensure you feel refreshed after a nice, long bath.

6. Keep the Toilet Lid and Drains Closed

One of the biggest problems a bathroom faces in regards to Feng Shui is the fact that chi has a number of different places it can escape the room. Shower drains, sink drains and toilets are a few of the many places chi can leak out of your bathroom. In order to minimize this loss, it is recommended that you always keep the toilet seat down and your drains plugged. Yes, this is likely easier said than done and people can forget here and there, but making this a habit can have a wonderful impact on the Feng Shui of your bathroom.

7. Choose Decor Wisely

While you may not have as many options for decorating a bathroom as you would a living room or bedroom, there is still lots that you can do. A key is to keep it simple and avoid clutter. The energy and chi in a room require space and freedom to move and if your bathroom is clutter with decor, this will inhibit the movement. Instead, opt for a few simple pieces of art work, a few small living plants and a nice bath rug that goes well with the color scheme in the room. Decorating in your bathroom, like your bedroom, should all be about making you feel as calm, relaxed and happy as possible.

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