How can I get a better relationship with my neighbors?

Cultivating bonds with your neighbors doesn’t require a lot of effort. All it takes is just be a simple smile, wave, or a “hello” to kickstart a meaningful relationship. Of course, also respect your neighbors’ feelings, and lend them a helping hand when required. These simple gestures will not only strengthen your relationship with your neighbors but also help to foster a strong and safe community within your neighborhood. Here are some tips on how you can be a good neighbor and get to know them better at the same time.

Be Friendly
Sometimes making contact with your neighbors might require you to step out of your comfort zone, and be the one to break the ice. Connect with your neighbors by taking the initiative to strike a conversation with them. Smile and greet them when you see them. Some neighbors might also enjoy small talk. You can start off by asking them how their day is going, or even offer them help in case they need any. Even if you see them from afar, you could also give your neighbors a simple, friendly wave. Be the one to make the first move, your neighbors will most definitely appreciate your effort to build a meaningful relationship with them.

Be Considerate
Another thing to take note of is to be considerate of your own actions and how it might affect others. For example, remember to always be

mindful of noise levels especially at night. Loud noises may disturb neighbors who are trying to get some sleep or are trying to get some work completed at home. If you have an instrument which you’d like to practice, do so in the day instead of at night. Or if you would like to listen to some music, try to plug in your headphones instead of blasting the music through the speakers. If you have a pet, remember to keep your pet off your neighbors’ grass and pick up your pet’s waste. Always be mindful of your actions as they might impact others.

Help One Another Out
Be aware of what is going on in your neighborhood and look out for your neighbors. For example, if your neighbor’s driveway is piled with snow, grab some shovels and help get rid of the snow. Or, if you happen to see an elderly neighbor heading home with multiple grocery bags, offer him or her a helping hand to carry their items. In times of emergency situations, offer them support and assistance. If you spot anyone suspicious loitering around the neighborhood, alert your neighbors promptly to prevent them from falling victim to burglary or criminal attempts. These simple gestures go a long way, and it might also create trust and long-lasting friendships.

Give a Small Gift
Festive seasons such as Thanksgiving and Christmas are not only great occasions to express our gratitude and appreciation to our families and friends, but also to our neighbors. As a token of appreciation, you may wish to make a handwritten card, or even bring some homemade, baked goods over to your neighbors! You might even want to consider inviting them over to your party. It will certainly be a fun and enjoyable way to connect with your neighbors and meet new neighbors who have recently moved in. By taking it a step further, you can even arrange a few fun activities for children as well. This will not only be a means to strengthen relationships between adults, but also among the young ones too.

Apologize and Let Some Things Go
Perhaps in the past, you have done things that have contributed to a bad relationship between you and your neighbors. You may want to consider offering a sincere and heartfelt apology to your neighbors. On the other hand, there might also be something that your neighbors have done in the past which may have affected you. If your neighbors have already acknowledged their mistakes and apologized, try to let things go and bury the hatchet. Instead of being plagued about the unpleasant times in the past, move on and foster a positive relationship with your neighbors. Just be sure not to make similar mistakes that may jeopardize the relationship.

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