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Apartment Hunting
Apartment Hunting
Getting a new lease during the summer - Tips and pointers!
Updated 1 week ago
Finding a new apartment to rent in New York City can be daunting, especially during the summer. In our recent study, we've discovered that the worst or most expensive months of the year to rent spreads across the summer season till early fall. Besides that, summer is also usually the most…
Rental Deals: The Juicy, the Interesting, and the Hard to Price
Updated 15 months ago
With rent prices declining in New York City, we've all heard about the incentives being offered to renters and brokers alike. This theme was highlighted in a recent NYTimes article entitled " A Month Free? Rents Are Falling Fast". But what are actually some of the deals being offered? We took a…
Oliva on 315 W 33rd Street
Best Time of the Month for NY Apartment Hunting
Updated 16 months ago
Hey NY Hoppers, People often ask us: "What's the best time of month to look for apartments in NYC?" Let's look at the options. First Dibs: The general consensus is that it's best to start looking one month before you move, as close to the 1st of the month as possible. Why? Most people have a…
How low can you go?
Updated 16 months ago
What Now? You've scoured the city for the perfect apartment, and now you've found that gem. Now what? Is the listing price the last word? We wrote a short piece last April ( How to Negotiate a Lower Apartment Rent) about rent negotiations. In general, haggling down the listing price will depend on…
Price Drop
How to Negotiate a Lower Apartment Rent
Updated 16 months ago
After managing a site dedicated to no-fee apartments in New York City for so long, one of the more frequent visitor questions we receive is, "How do I negotiate with the broker or landlord for a lower rent than the asking price?" Fortunately, we have seen many useful techniques for rent…
Welcome Stonehenge Management!
Updated 16 months ago
RentHop.com would like to welcome Stonehenge Management LLC as one of the new premier landlords posting no-fee Manhattan apartments! As one of the major landlords in the city, Stonehenge has consistently come up with innovative ideas to ease the stress of looking for a new apartment during these…
The Olivia
No-Fee Landlord AIMCO NYC Listings Now on Rent Hop
Updated 16 months ago
Rent Hop is happy to welcome AIMCO NYC to our growing list of no-fee landlords in Manhattan. AIMCO NYC buildings largely span the Upper East Side and Upper West Side neighborhoods, including the West 68th and West 69th Street buildings located just steps away from Lincoln Center, Juilliard…
237 9th Avenue
How much does an apartment broker cost?
Updated 16 months ago
New Yorkers often believe they are receiving a lot of valuable services from apartment brokers, and because of that, they conclude broker fees are both legitimate and well-deserved. At RentHop, we agree that apartment brokers have been vital to the Manhattan rental market for decades, but in…
Ask Rent Hop: What's wrong with Craigslist?
Updated 16 months ago
One question we hear a lot is, "Why hasn't Craigslist solved the apartment hunting process for Manhattan, like it has for many other cities?" A lot has been written already on the Internet about how to improve Craigslist. In fact, many new websites have attempted to "beat" Craigslist, but the…
Ask Rent Hop: Should I Rip Off My Broker?
Updated 16 months ago
Having asked dozens if not hundreds of New Yorkers about their apartment hunting experience, one interesting topic is whether you can rip off your own apartment broker. There are various tactics and ploys that have been contemplated, attempted, and executed which we discuss below, but the one…
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