The 7 Best Storage Units in NYC

Originally posted on January 27, 2023 3:00 pm
Updated on January 17, 2023 4:31 pm

Storage is hard to come by in NYC. Apartments can be cramped, but even larger homes in the city are known to have space issues. There’s only so much a person can fit into an apartment. Luckily for the good citizens of NYC, there are plenty of storage options available to hold furniture, art, and family heirlooms. Some storage units are basic, while others can be a bit more high-tech, but each has its merits. These storage units can be a game changer in the city, and some of the best ones around include:

Manhattan Mini Storage

Number one on everyone’s list of storage units is Manhattan Mini Storage. This chain can be found all over the city, including in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and even a few places in New Jersey. Units range from the size of a small closet to spaces that are well over 300 square feet. They even have spaces to store cars. This is easily the most affordable storage unit business and one of the most secure. Most facilities are surrounded by a security fence with a keypad lock, patrons can buy padlocks for their storage units, and many spaces are climate controlled to help protect electronics, antiques, and musical instruments. Speaking of musical instruments, some units even allow folks to have band practice in them!


Though they don’t have as many storage options as Manhattan Mini Storage, this nationwide chain is still a powerhouse in the industry. This is due to their moving and packing services, which makes storing larger options much easier. Professionals will help pack up items, load them on a truck, and drive them to any of their units in the nation. This way, if someone is moving from a larger home to a smaller one, they won’t have to throw away any of their stuff. Once items are in storage, they are secured and guarded by a 24/7 staff. Items can be added or removed from storage as needed. They’ll even deliver individual items from their storage units straight to a home. They are flexible, affordable, and extremely detail oriented.

Liberty Moving and Storage

While this organization is known mostly for moving, they have a ton of storage options that are perfect for those with homes under renovation, a collection of antiques, or folks who simply have too much stuff. They have both small and large units so customers can store smaller items like clothing or larger items like furniture, all for an incredibly affordable price. The best part about Liberty is that they offer mobile storage units, providing customers with a temporary solution that can easily be moved to several job sites or homes. They also offer record storage, so important documents like birth certificates, tax records, and contracts can be kept safe. They even store rare items for trade shows! These items are kept in secure, climate-controlled facilities and are transported to shows with the utmost care. This storage is a jack-of-all-trades.


Another all-purpose storage option, this company has facilities in all five boroughs and New Jersey, so anyone in the city can securely store items nearby. CubeSmart has five types of storage: household, moving, business, vehicle, and climate controlled. Household storage is the basic self-storage option, with several sized units available. Moving storage is for those who are traveling and cannot take every item with them. CubeSmart will also assist in these moves. Business storage is perfect for warehousing items and even curating an office space. Vehicle storage makes it easy to store a car in the city securely. Last but not least, climate-controlled units are compatible with all four other types. They will be kept at optimal temperatures for storage, meaning rare items can remain in storage longer.


This storage company specializes in protecting smaller items. The company delivers a red bin, or several red bins, to a customer. That customer packs those bins with items they don’t need. Then the delivery driver takes a picture of the bin, collects the items, and drives them to their storage facility in Brooklyn. Once there, customers can keep an eye on their items and schedule delivery times to get them back. This service isn’t great for furniture, but it’s perfect for things like winter clothes, appliances, and even smaller antiques. This unique service is available all over the city and has grown widely popular in the short time they’ve been around. Be warned, their space is limited, so when a spot opens up, those with smaller storage needs should pounce on the opportunity.

Life Storage

This storage company has facilities in Brooklyn and Long Island City, which feature huge units for an extremely affordable price. One of the best-reviewed storage companies in the industry, this place has personal storage, business storage, and vehicle storage, all of which can come with climate control. Their facilities also have some of the best security around with a 24/7 staff, constant surveillance, and personalized keypad codes that are different for each customer. These facilities can stretch up to 20’X20’, fitting an entire home’s furniture. They also have smaller units for those with fewer storage needs. These facilities are flexible and safe while also being one of the most affordable on the market. Many of these units start at just $30 a month and can include a month free, depending on when a person joins.

Moishe’s Self Storage

This company does everything for those who need to move items to storage. Depending on how much a customer needs to be moved, a storage unit is selected, a group is sent to pack up the items being stored, they deliver the items to storage, and then they will deliver the item back whenever the customer wants. They offer personal and business storage, both with climate control and for an affordable price. This service is available to everyone in Manhattan, The Bronx, Queens, and Brooklyn. They even have a fire suppression system to preserve items while keeping them safe! Other security features include cameras, alarm systems, and keypads. This facility is great for those who need to store things both long term and short term, though a long-term commitment of at least three months will earn all customers free pick-up of their items.

Finding additional storage space can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. Many people don’t think they can afford storage units in the city. However, in reality, the majority of self-storage units have flexible pricing options that are perfect for the average New Yorker. These facilities are also extremely secure, so people know their stuff is safe. The best part is the flexibility of these facilities. Those that don’t deliver items right to a home are very easy to get to and access. Most homes in NYC just don’t have enough space to fit every item someone owns comfortably. That’s why storage facilities are the perfect way to keep stuff safe and give a home extra space. 

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