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Originally posted on November 16, 2022 3:00 pm
Updated on November 07, 2022 10:23 pm

Having a home office is amazing, especially if you live in NYC, where such luxuries are hard to come by. That said, if you’re lucky enough to have an extra room for a home office, you might have no idea what to do with it. Everyone knows you should get a desk, chair, and decor, but how do you know where to start? Lucky for you, we have compiled a great list of items for your home office journey. Even if these specific pieces aren’t for you, they will be a great place to start in your home office search.

Desks for Your Home Office

Every home office needs a quality desk. Not only does your computer need to live there, but the right storage can save you from walking back and forth when you need documents for work or life. Some of the best homes office desks around include:

1.) Indi Doublewide Desk Fern From West Elm

This desk is bright, coming in four different colors. It also offers ample storage by way of four shelves and two deep drawers. This sturdy desk is classy, functional, and will fit well with any decor you might have in your office. It is slightly bigger, so make sure you utilize your space well if you go with this piece.

2.) Featherstone Desk From Wayfair

This desk is slightly smaller and is perfect for a more compact office space. For storage, it has two thin drawers, perfect for important documents and small office supplies. This desk is sturdy, subtle, and refined, making a huge impression should you welcome guests inside your home office.

3.) Gia Desk From Rove Concepts

Perfect for meetings, this desk has a marble finish that comes with two drawers. Choose between three different shades of wood and either white or black marble for the desk. It is available in two sizes, making it perfect for offices of any size. This piece is classy and works best in the middle of the room rather than against a wall.

4.) Uplift Standing Desk From Uplift Desk

Many people hate sitting all day long, which is why standing desks have become ridiculously popular. Though this piece doesn’t have any storage capability, it comes in various sizes, making it ideal for offices of any size. It also comes in various colors and materials, so your standing desk can match your space. These desks have adjustable heights for a variety of needs.

5.) Lutto Desk From Article

This piece is made from steel and glass. This subtle and sturdy desk is great for those who don’t like anything too flashy. For storage, there’s a shelf on one side, perfect for documents or even decorations. The glass top is a classy touch and makes a great impression on guests. This sleek desk is great for those who love minimalist design.

6.) Cuba Libre L-Shape Desk From Wayfair

This desk has a ton of storage, as its unique shape allows it to have many shelves and drawers. With table tops at two different levels, this desk is a great piece for work and decor. The subtle design is perfect for offices or bedrooms and is a great space for working on just about anything. The desk even comes in several colors.

7.) Chester Writing Desk From Raymour & Flanigan

This desk can be used for far more than just writing. With ample storage options and a sturdy frame, this desk is perfect for any work you might have. Even gaming is a breeze here, as these deep drawers can store anything from documents to electronics. No matter what you use this piece for, it’ll be a great addition to your home.

Chairs For Home Offices

While many folks have standing desks these days, most still prefer the comfort of a great chair. The right one can simultaneously make you feel comfortable and powerful and add a lot to your home office. Some of the best chairs include:

1.) Premium Style Office Chair From Icons of Manhattan

This stylish chair screams “class” without being overly audacious. The stainless steel frame makes this chair incredibly sturdy and sleek, and the leather covering makes it comfortable. The chair comes in various colors, and the backrest comes in various designs for different needs.

2.) Kano High Back Manager’s Chair From Raymour & Flanigan

A classic black leather chair, this gorgeous piece is one of the most comfortable chairs on the market. This chair looks a lot like one’s CEOs have on television, and you can feel like one, if you purchase this chair. It’s a bit bigger, so it works better in larger offices. However, this chair will be a valuable asset to you even in a small space.

3.) Upholstered Task Chair From Litfad

This stylish chair has a steel frame but is surrounded by comfortable materials of your choosing. There are ten different styling options, all of which fit most decors. While this chair doesn’t have wheels, it provides ample comfort and makes doing work-related tasks much easier.

4.) Mesh Swivel Task Chair From Overstock

This unique-looking chair is insanely comfortable. The soft cushion and the mesh back are the same color, while the white frame surrounds the chair in a beautiful and striking design. The piece is adjustable and compact, making it great for any home office. This comfortable, sturdy chair will likely become your favorite seat in the house.

5.) Rockefeller Task Chair From Laura

This minimalist chair is a great addition to a subtle home office. The chair has no arms, so you’ll have to rest them on your desk. However, the rest of the piece is comfortable and sturdy. This chair is rather compact and is perfect for smaller offices that need all the space they can get. This piece is ideal for those who don’t like flashy furniture.

6.) Office Chair From Hbada

This fancy chair is perfect for those with back issues. Able to recline, this chair also comes with a headrest and is so comfortable that you might fall asleep during a meeting. This durable chair looks classy and powerful, and it is a great piece if you want to impress someone while on a video call.

Shelving For Your Offices Walls

Shelves are an important aspect of any office, especially if you’re a bookworm. Able to hold decor, literature, and important documents, the right shelves can be a lifesaver. Some of the best shelves for offices include:

1.) Celeste 74” Bookcase From Raymour & Flanigan

This classic-looking bookcase is tall and elegant, capable of holding a ton of books and decor. This piece is sturdy and will last a long time. It’s a timeless piece of furniture that will last the rest of your life if you want it to. Its imposing height and classy design make it a powerful force for any home office.

2.) Mid-Century Bookshelf From West Elm

This classy shelf elevates at an angle and is ideal for holding books, decor, and anything else you might need or want for your office. There are also two large drawers at the bottom of the piece for extra storage. As far as office furniture goes, this piece will look a bit more modern than other shelves.

3.) 4-Piece Bookshelf From Pottery Barn

This huge bookcase is perfect for larger offices and comes in black or white. This shelf can hold many books, possibly transforming your office into a library. Each section has large drawers that are perfect for storing files, games, or anything else you want to use your office for. This piece won’t fit in smaller spaces but could also work in a living room.

4.) Wall Bookshelves From Tee Books

These subtle shelves attach to your wall, making them perfect for small or large office spaces. They come in a variety of sizes and even have walls to ensure your books don’t fall on the floor. These modern marvels will make your office look cool while adding functionality in a compact, discrete way.

5.) Stax Bookcase From CB2

This classy shelf has no back, exposing your wall for a cool, retro vibe. It holds many books, and each of its five shelves has a ton of space between them, making them a great way to decorate. These shelves are fantastic additions to an office, large or small, and will enhance the decor of your space.

Home Office Decor

Office decor is all that’s left to make your home office an impressive room in your home. The right decor can invoke a feeling of class, comfort, and everything in between. Some of the best ways to decorate your office include:

1.) Plants

Home offices can be a bland place. Desks, chairs, and shelves can only enhance a room so much, so it’s good to get some pops of green in there when you can. It doesn’t matter if the plants are real or fake. Either way, you’ll have some great colors to contrast your furniture. If you get live plants, your office will even smell better!

2.) A Bar

A bar in your office is a great way to class up the room. Many people have those cheeky globes that open up to reveal a bar, but a standard one works just as well. It can be a great way to break the ice if you have a meeting or a fun way to unwind once you knock off work for the rest of the way. Plus, they can add to the other decor in the room.

3.) Rugs

The right rug can bring out the class and comfort of any room and protect your floors from the desk, chair wheels, and bookcase. Rugs can help soundproof your office and are generally more comfortable to walk on. Larger rugs are more encouraged than smaller ones. We suggest finding one that covers most of the room.

4.) Curtains

An office with windows is essential, and the right curtains can make the ambiance of the room pop. A nice set of curtains or shades enhance any room in the house and, in an office, they can bring the rest of the room together. Find a pair that can block light if you want to have a movie night or need some privacy to finish a project.

5.) Glass Doors

For that true home office feel, glass doors are the way to go. Glass double doors, especially, look very classy and can give you some much-needed privacy when you have a video call or presentation to give. Glass doors let your space feel more connected to the rest of your home while giving your office its own identity.

6.) Whatever Makes Your Office Special!

The best part about a home office is that it’s yours. You can decorate it however you like, and that means the options are limitless when it comes to decor. Many offices have pictures of the owner’s family, while others go for a more eclectic vibe, like cattle skull or sculpture. Special paintings, college degrees, and even motivational posters can add to your space and make your office unique. No matter how you decorate, your office should make you feel at home while also providing a place where you can work efficiently. So have fun with your decorations!

Home offices should be fun, functional, and comfortable. It can be hard to know where to start, especially if you’re looking for affordable pieces that still look good. However, the list above is a great place to start, and the websites attached will even give suggestions on other items should you be looking for something else. This office furniture will be so inviting that everyone in your home will want to use it and maybe even add their flair to the room. The space is yours to do what you want, so trust your gut, and you can’t go wrong.

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